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Theo, how he desired her!

Pippi turned to him as her wedding dress fell in a pool of silk around her feet. She had the strongest urge to cover herself, but because she wanted to please him, she managed to keep herself still, hands against her side as his hungry gaze devoured every inch of her body. She could feel her breasts swelling as he continued staring at her, and even her nipples had started to tighten. She tried not to fidget, but it was hard, and soon she felt it, too, that rich, creamy rush of wetness drenching her folds –

“Have I made you wet, mikrí mou?”

She nodded, whispering, “Getting wetter by the second, too—”

The unexpectedly dirty talk made him groan as his control snapped. He hauled her to him, and in another swift move, he had both of them lying on the bed, his powerful, throbbing body on top of hers.

Pippi bit her lip hard, her senses overwhelmed by the familiar heat of his strong, muscular figure. She had missed this so, so much!

“I love you, Mrs. Simonides.”

“I love you, Mr. Simonides.”

His head bent just as her arms went around his neck. Their lips met, their kiss gentle and tender at the start, but then his tongue slowly pushed in. Mairi whimpered, her body writhing under his, and Acheron let out a growl.

The kiss deepened in the next moment, the movement of his tongue becoming deliciously forceful. But instead of resisting and pulling away, she surrendered to his dominance. When he sucked on her tongue, she sucked on his back, and it had both of them panting when the kiss finally ended.

His mouth trailed down, sucking on the side of her neck before nuzzling the valley between her breasts. She clawed his back when he began kneading her breasts, and her nails dug deep into the muscles when he started sucking on her nipples, one at a time, and oh so slowly that it had her panting even more.

By the time he parted her legs, she was more than ready, and it didn’t even hurt at all when his long, thick cock finally slid inside to claim her virginity. She started to sob as he started to move. It was so good. It was too good. It was unbelievably, ridiculously, impossibly good, and she never wanted it to end.

Acheron did his best to keep his pace slow and steady, but when he felt his wife begin to move as well, her hips rising up to meet his thrusts and her inner muscles squeezing his cock, he could no longer control himself, his hips slamming down harder and harder with every thrust.

The sound of his balls slapping against her thighs mingled with the sliding hiss of his cock as he rammed into her over and over.


“Acheron, please.”


Hearing a virgin say such a thing made Acheron shudder with lust, and if there had been the slightest hope of holding back – that was all gone now. He plowed into her again and again and again, harder and faster until the pleasure overtook them both, striking them at the same time, and their bodies arched against each other as he started to come inside of her.

Following the wedding, Acheron and Pippi had their honeymoon in Greece and while there he introduced her to his other friends, such as Stavros and Willow Manolos and the still-single Ioniko Vlahos, who appeared more than interested in buying a beach house at IDF, after hearing Pippi gush about her town.

Their honeymoon lasted for over a month, and they returned just in time to move in to the new extension of Mariposa House. Pippi, whom he knew secretly dreaded the thought of having to live apart from her family, had been over the moon upon seeing her family home renovated and she had burst into tears when Acheron told her they were making their home base in IDF instead of Miami.

Life settled into a peaceful and comfortable routine after that, but it was not in any way boring. The hours at work were always exciting – and sometimes downright suspenseful, too. With Pippi now working directly under Acheron’s supervision, she had come to discover that her husband was an intensely sexual man. Put simply, he wanted to fuck her as many times as he could get away with it, and there were times that they nearly didn’t escape getting caught.

Even the lives of her family had changed, and it was a wonderful change, too. Acheron being Acheron, he had simply overruled everyone’s protests and took over the family finances. All outstanding loans had been paid in full, there was no longer a need to worry about tuition or living expenses, and all of them – her Great-Aunts, Astrid, and her sisters – all received a monthly allowance in exchange of working for Simonides Inc.

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