Diana seemed about to reply when the professor’s live-in cook came in and she fell silent instead, her lips automatically curving in a smile, albeit tentatively, as she met the chef’s gaze.

At Matthijs’ nod, the other man began setting the table. “Good morning, mejuffrouw,” Antoine said cheerfully. “I hope you like eggs Benedict and French toast.”

“They’re my favorites.”

Her tone was a charming mixture of shyness and warmth, and while it was enough to win Antoine over, it also had him throwing his employer an odd look, almost as if questioning what an innocent like her was doing with a bastard like Matthijs.

The professor’s lips twisted. You and me both, chef. He watched in brooding silence as the other man continued to fuss over Diana, asking her what she wanted for dessert and insisting that she try his famous lemon-and-cucumber shake.

By the time Antoine had finally taken his leave, thirty minutes had already passed, and the professor was considerably glad about this. The more time wasted, the better.

When he turned to face Diana, she seemed to be squirming on the other end of the table. He raised a brow, and she said haltingly, “I’m sorry I put you and your staff through all this trouble…”

“I should be the one apologizing,” the professor dismissed smoothly, “considering I had you come all the way here.” In fact, his delirious self had been very insistent about this. ‘Don’t make me wait a single second. I need to fucking see you’ were, in fact, the exact words he had texted her, and remembering this made Matthijs wince slightly.

“So…um…” Diana cleared her throat. “Shall I say grace?”

“By all means.” After all, that meant an additional ten seconds consumed.

Afterwards, Diana offered to start with the consultation while they had breakfast, but the professor demurred, saying he would rather have her properly enjoy Antoine’s preparations.

When they finally moved to the professor’s library at the other end of the hallway, it was already ten minutes past six.


Since his place was a ten-minute drive away from Helder Meer, it shouldn’t be amiss if he had her leave by six forty-five. That meant he had, what, only 35 minutes left to kill?

The thought brought him relief, enough to put the professor in a far mellower mood as he took his seat behind the desk. Giving Diana a faint smile, he asked calmly, “Shall we start?”

“Of course.” She leaned forward as she spoke, her V-necked dress dipping to reveal a plump amount of cleavage…and something else.

The professor’s smile vanished.


And everything he had managed to forget – the rest of the words he had texted her – all of it came back in a flash.

Diana: Why don’t I just come now? I want to take care of you.

Matthijs: You can take care of me in every way you want tomorrow.

Diana: Is that a promise?

Matthijs: Depends. Have you ever tried teasing a man before?

Diana: Do I look – act – like I’ve tried teasing a man before?

Matthijs: *smirk* Not gonna lie, my darling. Virginity’s never been a fetish of mine, but you’re different. I haven’t been able to stop imagining the countless things I’d like to do to your cunt. I wanna fuck it in every way. Fingers. Tongue. Dick.

Diana: I…have…no…words (but in a good, breathless way!)

Matthijs: I know this can be too much. So tell you what. Let’s make a deal. You come here to my place tomorrow minus your pretties…that’s a yes. You come here with your unmentionables on, that’s a no.

Diana: And you’ll know without me saying anything?

Matthijs: Fuck yes.

A guttural growl of frustration inadvertently escaped him, and Diana blinked in confusion. “Professor? Are you okay?” She leaned forward some more, and there was no way he could deny it this time, no way to unfucking see the fact…that her tits were completely bare under her dress.


Don’t Worry, Baby by The Beach Boys & Lorrie Morgan

Diana could barely breathe.

They had been going over her thesis steadily for the past twenty minutes, and while every second of it had been efficiently put to use, a part of her couldn’t shake off the feeling that they were playing a game.

But as for what game…

Cunt cat and mouse?

Hide and seek the banana?


“Did you get that?”

Just one short question. Four simple words. And yet, with the professor so painfully close and looking so breathtakingly beautiful in his black turtleneck cashmere sweater and jeans…


He might as well be speaking gibberish.

“Could you please just stop staring at me like that?” she blurted out, giving up on any pretense of not feeling hot and bothered by the slow-burning heat in the professor’s gaze.

She had been hoping the words would catch him off guard, but instead it only had him chuckling, and even this…something so dreadfully basic…oh sweet mercy, but even just the sound of his chuckle had her stomach clenching in what she knew by now was sexual desire.

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