“It’s not a crime, is it?”

The purr in his voice almost made her want to whimper. I’m so out of my league, Saint M. Something must be drastically wrong, that every little thing he said or did had her obsessing over fornicating. With him, if that wasn’t obvious enough.

Clearing her throat, she tried to focus on answering his question. “We’re talking about, um, what my stand should be…” His knee suddenly bumped hers under the desk, and she jumped in her chair.

“My apologies.”

But the way his leonine eyes were gleaming had her thinking, Yeah right. He had totally made that happen, and now her body was suffering a serious case of tingles because of it.

Seriously, Saint M. If you think I’m doing the wrong thing here, now’s the time to let her know.

Clearing her throat for the third time, Diana tried to start fresh once more, but this time she spoke in a rush. “You were asking about my stand on Catholics who willingly chose death to save the greater good.”

“Correct.” The professor’s tone turned brisk. “I strongly recommend you look up St. Augustine’s writings on this matter.”

“Got that.” She dutifully added this to her TBR while telling herself she was not disappointed about play time apparently being over.

She might have come here without her underwear, but it wasn’t like she was really expecting anything to happen.

The professor had only been teasing, and she had known that.



Color burst in her cheeks when she realized she had missed the professor’s last words. “I’m sorry, Professor. What was that again?” She held her breath right after, bracing herself to withstand his usual avalanche of well-aimed barbs.

But instead, the professor only smiled at her. “I was talking about this part.” She watched dumbly as he tapped the chart she had on Page 14…and that was it.

Maybe he was still sick, Diana thought worriedly, and he just didn’t want to worry her?

The professor gestured to her Apple pencil. “You should label this part—” His fingers tapped a section of the chart. “—with your initials.”

“Yes, sir.”

The professor raised a brow when several moments had passed and the only thing Diana had done was reach for the pencil. “Well?”

Diana fidgeted in her seat, and apparently, this was sufficient explanation for the professor, whose lips subsequently curved. “You don’t know how to?”

“I just haven’t gotten around to learning it, that’s all.” Diana tried not to sound defensive but knew she had failed when the professor’s amused smile turned into a smirk.

“Let me show you then.”

“It’s fine—”

“Do you have the chart saved in Photos?” he interrupted her to ask, and at her nod, the professor instructed her to open the app. “Click Edit on any photo. Now, click on the More button. Yes, that’s it. And there you go.”

Diana felt sheepish as she clicked on Markup. “Thank you, Professor.”

“And while we’re at it…how about adding a two-way arrow here then a clockwise one on this part? Just click on the Plus button.”

Diana did as asked, but this time, the professor’s commands were a lot harder to execute as her iPad refused to cooperate.

“Click on the actual arrow,” he advised, “and the additional design options for arrows should show up at the bottom of the screen.”

“I’m trying,” Diana protested, “But it’s clearly not working.”

“Here, let me show you.”

Before Diana could say another word, the professor had already moved to stand behind her.

Oh. No. Oh. Shit.

And then he was already there, the professor’s strong arms forming a cage around her body, and it was all she could do to keep breathing.

He reached for her right hand, his fingers covering her own, and Diana’s body burned so hotly a part of her was simply waiting for her clothes to catch fire.

“You should just do this…”

You should just do me, Diana thought dizzily.

“And now click on this green button.” His voice had thickened by the end, and Diana couldn’t help but think of something else that was wonderfully thick.

His head slowly bent down, and Diana fought hard against the urge of arching her neck.

“Do you get it now?” His breath tickled her ear as he spoke, and her toes curled hard.


This time, Diana’s word came out in a sexy little whimper, and arousal bit into him hard. The last ounce of sanity the professor possessed urged him to quit while he still could, but the devil inside of him was persuasive as hell, telling him what he wanted to hear.

She’s already here, even went as far as coming with her tits jiggling free under her dress.

Come on, look down. See those nipples saying hi to you?

If you don’t keep your word when she’s kept hers, she might misunderstand, and she’ll leave here hurt and feeling like you’ve done something wrong.

So really, you’re doing a good thing here.

Just give her what you want.

And so he did.

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