He began fucking her. Hard and good. Enough to make her breasts jiggle and create slapping sounds every time his hips hit the back of her legs. It was beyond erotic and embarrassing, but even as she felt her face heat up, she knew she would never in a million of years want it to stop. This was the professor fucking her, finally. She would always—


All sensible thoughts disappeared the moment the professor reached down to pinch her nipple.

Oh God.

Pinch. Thrust. Pinch. Thrust. Pinch. Thrust.

She tried to hold on to her sanity, tried to make it last, but when his fingers latched one last time to her nipple and never let go, it was just too, too much once more, and she gasped his name out.


She sobbed as she came, and a moment later, she heard him growl her name as he started cumming, his fingers digging hard into the cheeks of her butt.

When she woke again, it was to the smell of something awesome.


Mac & cheese.

Buttered corn.

She was already licking her lips even before she could open her eyes, and she heard a rich, lazy chuckle play in the air.


Diana pushed herself up and turned towards the sound, her gaze already sheepish as it collided with the professor’s golden eyes, which were gleaming with amusement. He was sprawled on the La-Z-Boy, dressed only in lounge pants and nothing else. He looked simply gorgeous, and her heart skipped a beat at the sight of him.

This man was hers.


And her heart skipped another beat.

The professor’s gaze narrowed. “What is it?”


He studied her for another moment before a smirk slowly slashed over his lips. “Let me guess.”

Please don’t let him guess.

“You were thinking you can’t believe I’m all yours.”

Oh Saint M, how could you!

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Diana tried to act blasé as she uttered her lie.

“But I think you do. And—” The professor rose to his feet. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, is there?”

Diana let out a gasp as he scooped her off the bed.

“Because it’s true.”


“I am yours.” He raised one challenging brow at her. “But if you don’t want me then—”

Even knowing that the words were nothing but a teasing joke, she still couldn’t help reacting instinctively, shaking her head as she said fervently, “I want you.”

The professor chuckled. “Say it then.”

She swallowed hard, but his gaze remained intently on hers, calm and patient but at the same time arrogant and commanding—


That was him in one word.

And she heard herself say, “You’re mine.” And after that, she couldn’t stop saying it, her arms going around his neck. “You’re mine, Matthijs de Graaf.”

He answered with a brush of his lips against her hair. Yes.

For the rest of the evening, the professor kept her curled in his lap, and in between feeding her slices of steak and spoonfuls of sides, he outlined what he predicted her life would shape out to be for the next few weeks.

Expect a wide variety of reactions from other students.

Those who know you and truly care will stand by your side.

And this would later turn out to be true, with Magnolia and Amine taking on the role of her staunch supporters and firmly defending Diana and Matthijs’ relationship to those silly enough to criticize the couple in their hearing.

Those who hated you from the start will only hate you more.

And so it would be with Pepper Lowell, who right away submitted an official complaint in view of Diana’s relationship with the professor and the possibility of his favorable bias towards her. But because the other girl hadn’t done her due diligence, the Registrar’s office had very coolly pointed out that such concerns were made negligible. ‘They’ve already submitted a declaration form to acknowledge conflict of interest, and as such, Ms. Leventis now has a new adviser and her work from hereon will be graded by said person.’

And when Diana had asked the professor about the people in between, those who might know her a little or might not know her at all…

There will be those who’d disappoint you.

And so it had been with Lars, whom Diana sincerely thought was a friend, but because he had wanted more with her, the other student was unable to get past his resentment. And as he also knew he could never win against someone like the professor, the younger man chose instead to start spreading harmless but hurtful insinuations. ‘Diana was a gullible fool…Professor de Graaf was a sex maniac…The two of them had threesomes with the professor’s former students.’

The professor had given her a look of resignation afterwards, adding rather dryly, And knowing you, my darling, rather than wanting to get even, learning the truth about them will just make you feel sad.

And so it had.

When that time comes, I want you to remember that you have me and that you will always have me. You only have to call me, and I’ll come fucking running. I’ll never let you feel sad or alone.

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