She had been a good girl all her life, had always done what was expected of her and to never cause trouble.

But now…


She made a rather clumsy gesture towards the professor’s member, saying haltingly, “That, umm…” Oh, this was hard. “That…” She wetted her lips and just went for it. “That’s for m-me. Isn’t it?”


The professor was done fighting.

This girl might be his soul’s downfall, but he no longer fucking cared. He watched her watch him, something he had thought she would be too shy to do, and if he had to admit the truth, it was simply one of the many things he never expected from her.

He had expected her to cry out and run away at the first sight of his dick, but instead she had done the exact fucking opposite and even went on to lock the door like an eager accomplice. He had expected her to disappoint him by saying something trivial (oh, Professor, what are you doing?), but instead…ah God, instead…

That’s for me. Isn’t it?

“And if it is?” His voice was carefully controlled, his gaze narrowed but unreadable. “What then?”

Diana swallowed hard. The ball was back on her court again, and she should’ve expected it from him.

As for his question…

The answer was on the tip of her tongue, but a sudden attack of insecurities made Diana hold the words back. What if she were to say them, and he ended up laughing?

Her throat tightened in fear at the mere prospect of it, and she found herself wetting her lips—


Her eyes went wide at seeing it react, twitching rather violently as the professor’s leonine gaze fell on her lips.

She had caused that.

Hadn’t she?

The realization made her feel giddy, but more than that, the all-too-visible proof of the professor’s desire was gloriously empowering, enough to embolden Diana to toss her worries to the wind. She had gone this far, after all, so she might as well speak the truth.

“If it’s because of me, then I’m…glad.” Diana lifted her chin. “Because I want you, too.”

The words that had tumbled out in a soft but determined rush almost had the professor’s lips curving, with the way it reminded him of an angel rolling in the mud in a misguided attempt to soil her pristine-white wings.

Ingenious, the professor thought, but ineffective.

Losing one’s purity wasn’t that easy of course, but it could be done, and it was just too bad for the girl that she had before her one of the few men who knew exactly how to fall from grace.

And stay fallen.

He beckoned for her to come close with a crook of his finger, purring, “Show me then.”

Said the Serpent to Eve, Diana couldn’t help thinking, only this time the Serpent who wanted her to sin was a six-foot-plus god in tweed. It almost had her laughing nervously, almost had her turning back and running for the door.

Was she really doing this?

Someone who had never smoked a joint, never gotten drunk, someone who had never done anything explicitly bad, period.

Was she, being the kind of girl that she was, really doing this?

Yes, Diana thought. She couldn’t quite explain it, but there was just something about the professor that reminded her of the knights of old. Honorable, despite his cruel persona. Someone who would keep her safe, despite the danger he represented. And most importantly of all – he wanted her.

Even if it was just her body, it was enough. After a lifetime of rejection and emotional abuse, that a man like Professor Matthijs de Graaf would lust for her was more than enough.

This…it…he was enough.

The moment she made up her mind, her body took over, her limbs seemingly under someone else’s command as they moved with a brazen kind of lushness Diana would never have thought herself capable of. Breasts swelling and nipples pouting for attention, hips swaying and tender folds that had just begun to ache and grow moist…

And when she was finally standing in front of him, this one man she wanted to please and pleasure, in the way she had never yearned to do so for any other man—

“Tell me what to do, Professor.”

Desire like he had never known slithered into Matthijs at Diana’s soft appeal. It was raw and uncontrollable, threatening to steal his control and overwhelm his judgment.

And it was all because of her.

This girl with eyes that enslaved and sylph-like curves that left him enraptured. This girl whose words substantiated what his subconscious had recognized the very first moment he saw her.

Diana Leventis was his temptation turned flesh, a natural-born seductress whose virginity every starving inch of him craved to breach. He wanted to be the one – the only fucking one – to violate and corrupt her, destroy every barrier of innocence until she was drowning in the carnality of his lust.

And maybe, just maybe, she could be dirty – sinful – enough for him to deserve her.

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