His virgin wife…

“Tabitha…” Jaw clenching, he forced himself to ask the question that his conscience demanded from him. “Are you sure of this?”

Bee’s heart skipped a beat.

That he would care to ask, when even she knew how painfully obvious she was in her need for him…

With her vocal chords still refusing to work, she could only answer him in silence, her legs slowly parting open as she gazed up at him, her eyes saying the rest.

Take me.

Expelling his breath in a hiss, Nicholas moved swiftly, his weight pressing down on her as his powerful body settled between her legs. He saw her swallow as the head of his cock nudged against the still-moist entrance of her womanhood, and he said roughly, “I’ll do my best to minimize the hurt.”

“It’s fine—”

Having her speak was enough of a distraction, and Nicholas’ hips slammed down, his cock impaling her in one deep stroke. She cried out, a flash of pain crossing her face, and remorse flayed him even as his cock found itself balls-deep in a wet, tight corner of heaven.

“I’m sorry,” he rasped.

Bee slowly shook her head. “It d-doesn’t hurt as much now…” And she wasn’t even lying. The pain had only lasted the first few seconds, but the stinging sensation had soon faded until all that was left was a strange, restless urge to feel…more.

She wanted more, but how did one have more, when she didn’t even know what it was she wanted more of?

Bee raised her gaze to his in helpless frustration. “Nicholas…”

It was as if he understood exactly what she wanted to convey with just his name on her lips, and as his gaze locked with hers, Nicholas slowly lifted his hips.

Bee cried out in instinctive protest as she felt his cock withdrew out of her. “No—”

His hips pushed back down, his cock sliding inside of her with similar ease, and she moaned.

He started to move, and her legs slowly snaked up to lock around his waist.

He started thrusting faster, and her hands curved over his shoulders, nails digging into his muscular back.

Faster and faster, until she had every need to clutch him, her trembling body now completely enslaved by the forceful thrusts of his cock. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. She began to sob as her body began to tighten. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. But still his relentless pace went on, and the way his cock kept shoving in and out of her was slowly driving Bee out of her mind. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. Her back began to arch. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. She heard Nicholas rasp her name out just as his heat exploded inside her tight passage.

Oh God.

A second round of pleasure swept her body away, and she cried out as her own cum flowed out and mixed with the hot, sticky release of his semen.

As her eyes drifted close in the aftermath, tiny shudders still racking her slender frame, Bee found herself thinking of the most improbable thing.

Improbable, Bee thought drowsily, but not impossible.

Because it could happen.

Her dream of living her own mail-order fairytale romance actually coming true, and Bee ending up married to the man she was fated to fall in love with.

It could happen.


Chapter 5

Bee woke hours later to the tantalizing trail of her husband’s fingers drifting over her naked back. Pleasure lazily fanned out through every inch of her body, gently stirring her humming senses into life.

A helpless smile touched her lips as she felt his hand grip one side of her waist. She let him turn her over, her cheeks turning a pale shade of pink as she felt the covers slip down her naked body, enough to expose her already pouting breasts. But then she saw him, and embarrassment was quickly forgotten as a wanton rush of uncontrollable desire surged inside of her.

He was seated on the edge of the bed, naked save for a pair of sweat pants that hung low on his hips. She tried not to stare but once again found it impossible. He was so breathtakingly georgous, with every inch of him bronzed and hard, and she wasn’t at all surprised to feel her stomach cramping as she watched his lips seductively curve into a devastatingly sexy smile.


Butterfly wings fluttered in her stomach at the thought.

This man was mine.

But just as she started to shyly return his smile, a growling sound incongruously shattered the silence between them, and it came all the way from her empty stomach.

Bee’s eyes widened in horror.

A second later, and a tiny, high-pitched moan of mortification escaped her lips, and hearing it, Nicholas threw his head back with a laugh. She let out another moan, but the sound was immediately muffled as he swept her up, making Tabitha straddle his lap just as his mouth covered hers in a ravenous kiss.

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