Definitely overestimated it, Tilly decided, and it was for this reason that she started moving back as soon as the billionaire let go of her hand. But with Logan advancing towards her at the same time, the distance only continued to shrink between them.

“I did it for you, you know,” she tried convincing him. “It’s in our contract, remember? That it’s my responsibility to prevent this marriage from making you spend time away from work—”


“Well, okay, that’s true,” Tilly felt obliged to acknowledge, “but all’s well that ends well. Don’t you believe that?”


He was so, so close now.

“Logan…” Her voice was pleading.

“Tilly…” His voice was mockingly pleasant.

A few more steps, and he would reach her.

So what now, Wakefield? Take it on the chin or use that one last card up your sleeve?

Tilly saw Logan start to speak, and since the idea of being on the receiving end of a non-physical tongue-lashing held no appeal…

“Um.” She lifted her blouse up before the billionaire could even get the first word out. “Wanna suck?” Logan completely forgot what he had to say.

No bra, was his first dazed thought.

Hence her big…bare…breasts.

His dark gaze swiftly swept back up, and her face was once again that irresistible mixture of innocence and sexuality.

Fuck. He was so goddamn fucked. Because one look at her naked body, and he had no fucking chance.

Tilly’s squeal of surprise at the billionaire suddenly lifting her up in his arms turned into a breathless little moan as he backed her against the wall. Oh my. His fingers were impatient and almost rough as he pushed her skirt up to her waist while hers moved with clumsy haste as she helped get his long, thick, hard cock out of the tight confines of his pants.

A now-familiar tearing sound played in the air – RIP, Panties #2 – and then he was thrusting into her.


He didn’t answer, his dark, burning gaze simply locking with hers as he started pumping into her, hard, deep, and fast.

“Oh God.” It was too good. “Logan. God. Logan.” Every syllable now tumbled out in heaving pants. “So good.” And when her breasts started aching, she cupped them without thinking, and the billionaire immediately dipped his head to take one nipple inside his mouth.

He deliberately scraped his teeth against the sensitive pouting bud, and Tilly screamed.

The billionaire kept biting and sucking, and Tilly’s mind spun out of control.

Oh God, this felt so, so good, and she could no longer control herself.

She moaned and sobbed. She clutched his hair and clawed his back. Pushed her nipple deeper into his mouth as he pounded into her over and over.


Her gasp as she came had the billionaire’s head jerking up sharply, and he drank in the sight of her cumming. So fucking beautiful. He drove into her one last time, as deep as he could, and Logan heard her whimper as his back arched and a load of cum burst out of his cock and started filling her pussy.

Her legs clamped tightly around his waist a moment later, and the billionaire groaned as her inner muscles deliciously echoed the movement, and his cock twitched harder as it released another stream of cum.

Sex with Tilly always made him feel like he had gone and died to heaven, and not even the wildest bouts of fucking that he had experienced in the past could compare to it.

Not a single fucking one.

It was a disturbing realization, but even so, he couldn’t make himself stay away, couldn’t fucking stop himself from carrying her to his private bathroom and, after gently seating her on the marble counter and taking care of her, Logan still couldn’t help himself.

He was petting her again, Tilly thought dizzily. The billionaire was stroking her hair and licking the curve of her ear. Nibbled on her lip and nuzzled her neck. And even when they were finally outside his office, his thumb absently rubbed over her knuckles as he held her hand while walking.


Tilly could feel her cheeks turning red even though she knew she had nothing to be guilty about. She crouched down just in time for the already-running Liam to throw himself in her arms, and he grinned up at her as she rose back up, the toddler now secured in her arms.

Feeling Logan’s gaze still on her, she couldn’t help saying defensively, “I didn’t teach him to say that.” A pause, and then she couldn’t help admitting, “But I did teach him to call you Papa.”

Logan’s lips pressed together.

“Are you mad?” she asked in a small voice.

“If you want the truth…”

Tilly winced at the heaviness in his tone.

“I’m not surprised at all.”

Ouch. Was he basically saying he thought of her as manipulative or calculating?

“It is just like you to play such a joke, which is why I thought a little tit for tat right now wouldn’t be amiss.”

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