Tilly just stared at him, tears falling down her cheeks, and not a single word slipping past her still-trembling lips. But the look in her eyes was enough, and his chest tightened at what he saw.

His hand shook as he slowly reached for her hand.

Please God.

His fingers started to twine with hers—

Don’t make her turn me away.

Her own fingers started to move—


In order to twine back with his.

Relief slammed into him, and his gaze started to sting.

Tilly saw the sheen in the billionaire’s dark eyes, and her heart…oh, her heart…it started feeling funny again, but it was a good, sweet kind of funny, the kind that promised forever.

Logan tightened his grip on her hand, and emotions turned his voice into a rasp as he uttered the words that he knew he would be vowing to her every damn day of the rest of their lives.

“I love you.”

And the words that he used to scorn and fear—

They completed him this time, as his wife smiled tearily up at him, her answer shining in eyes that were once again vividly brimming with life.

I love you, too.


Hello again, my secretive gossipy little lambs!

You are all going to so love the latest news to share with you, and as always you’ll hear this FIRST on my website. Are you ready?

Logan Hardwall, the last billionaire bachelor standing of San Antonio’s Finest Eligibles (SAFE) is officially off the market!

And for those who have been avidly following the romantic escapades of the Texan oil baron, many of you may not be surprised that the lucky lady is none other than Mathilda Wakefield.

Yes, it really is that Mathilda, the nanny who had been photographed enjoying the billionaire’s, err, devoted attention in various occasions (i.e. doing the deed at the daycare, passion at the park, love at the library).

Our ever-reliable source further revealed that the couple’s marriage was a lavish but intimate ceremony held over the weekend at Mariposa House, the picturesque B&B owned by Mrs. Acheron Simonides, who coincidentally shares a similar uniform-to-wedding-gown love story by starting out as the Greek billionaire’s secretary before eventually being promoted to becoming the boss’ wife.

Mmm…I’m sure you see the pattern here, my rumor-loving lambs. ;)

That’s it for today’s tea sesh. Yours truly has to go, with so many other rich & famous people to stalk and a lot more trouble to brew.

– Kiss, kiss –

Ms. Tea for Tat

* The End *

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