Kady felt like her world had just started spinning out of control. They were friends? And that’s why he would never hurt her, and she should say yes to being his lover?

Kady’s continued silence disturbed Slade, and in his brooding state, not once did it occur to him that her silence was simply because she was in shock. In the mood he was in, all Slade could think of was that he needed to give her a more compelling reason to be with him—

Jaw clenching, Slade decided to use the last fucking card he had up on his sleeve. “I’m not like Humbug, Kady,” he said harshly. “He might get off from being bitch-slapped, but I’d choose you any day over all the bitches in the world. And most importantly of all, I—” Shit. “I…”

Kady found herself gaping as Slade’s handsome face started turning a sickly shade of gray.



I think he’s going to confess. Ethan conveyed his conjecture to his older brothers with a meaningful look at Slade…and a smirk right after.

The twins nodded. We think so, too. And they conveyed their agreement by smirking right back. In mere moments, it was as if everyone inside the cafe were psychically tuned in to the same broadcast and were thus hearing the exact same news break out: Slade Wyndham’s about to confess.

In the corner of his eye, the billionaire noticed the way people around Kady and him had suddenly started either smirking or snickering, and his teeth gnashed. Whole fucking lot of them should all just sell their respective empires and give TM-fucking-Z a run for its money.

He cracked his knuckles, thinking how good it would feel to score even just one punch, and his first choice would be the youngest Blackwood male—

Kady started fidgeting in front of him, and the billionaire swore in his mind even as he yanked at the collar of his shirt, which had been feeling a little too fucking tight around his neck.

Focus, Wyndham. He could kick everyone’s asses later. But right now, he still had a girl to convince, and just thinking of what that would entail…


After yanking on his collar one last time, he looked at Kady straight in the eye and said—

“I care for you.”

Smirks turned into grins as everyone gave each other figurative pats in the back. Knew he’d confess. And, like before, all such exchanges were also completed in silence.

Slade’s skin wouldn’t stop crawling after having said such words, but unfortunately, that was just the start. “Humbug might’ve cared for you at the start, but he obviously stopped caring at some point, and he just as obviously hadn’t the balls to tell you the truth. He fucking disrespected you, and that’s the one other thing I can promise to never do. I will never disrespect you—” Slade, now close to throwing up, had to stop speaking, and as this was also obvious to his unwanted but nevertheless avid audience, his male friends started clapping and yelling encouragement, and Farica burst into laughter.

Teeth clenching, he was just about to give everyone the finger when he heard something –

An unmistakable squeak…

That only little chicks could do…

And his gaze snapped back to Kady.


“You’re crying,” he said blankly.

Of course she was.

How could she not, with Slade saying the sweetest words, never mind if uttering them had also made him seem like he had swallowed poison?

“I—” Realized I don’t care about Eric anymore.

“But—” I also know if I told you that, I have a feeling…

“You—” Would drop me like a hot potato.

Slade stared at her. “I butt you?”

Everyone started coughing, and Kady’s tears dried, her thoughts distracted by the memory of the last time the customers had this kind of coughing fit. Oh no. Was it another airborne—

The fingers holding her shoulders tightened.


Accusing blue eyes met hers as soon as she guiltily turned back to face Slade.

“Will you stop paying attention to everyone else,” he growled, “and just focus on me?”

“I promise,” Kady said meekly.

“And?” His gaze was hard, his tone abrupt, but the way his body had turned rigid with tension made Kady realize dazedly just how much her answer meant to him.

Even if it didn’t make any sense at all…

Even if he could never love someone like her…

It did seem he truly cared for her.


Tiptoeing, it was her turn to whisper into his ear—

My heart’s beating madly.

Slade choked.

My breasts are hurting.

Slade swore out loud.

And I’m so wet.

Kady’s face was on fire as she pulled back to look up at him. While half of her mind was in hysterics

(how could you have said something so shameful?) the other half was cartwheeling with its newfound liberty (you go, girl!).

But what was done was done—


A choked laugh escaped her when Slade suddenly scooped her up in his arms, and she could only throw her arms around him as she heard people not only start clapping again but were also heartily congratulating her boss for what the police chief termed as a ‘very manly confession.’

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