“Fuck you, Aidan.”

She couldn’t help laughing at that even as she hid her face against the crook of Slade’s neck.

When she felt Slade take the stairs, she waited until they made it to the second-floor landing before pulling away to ask rather breathlessly, “Where are you taking me?”

Blue eyes gleamed down at her. “Where,” he asked in mocking politeness, “do you think?”

Chapter Twelve

Love To Love You, Baby

* * *

“In every living thing there is the desire for love.” ~ D.H. Lawrence

* * *

Music started blaring just as Slade reached his bedroom, and he nearly rolled his eyes at hearing Donna Summer throatily singing the first lines of Love To Love You, Baby. Farica’s playlist was rather too damn obvious, but when Kady’s body once again started shaking against him in silent laughter, her mood proved undeniably infectious, and he, too, found himself grinning.

Kady’s laughter slowly faded under her growing awareness of the hardened heat of Slade’s body. Now that a locked door kept the rest of the world away, and it was just the two of them alone in his massive bedroom, her insecurities started to resurface.

Was she really sure of this?

Really, truly sure?

Absolutely, no-turning-back sure?

But then she felt him slowly lowering her, and the moment her feet touched the floor, the urge to look into his eyes became impossible to resist. She tentatively lifted her head—

Their gazes met.

And the fire that had simmered far too long between them exploded.

Their mouths fused, their first kiss deep and feverishly hot, lips molding against each other while their tongues tasted and mated. Her arms went back around his neck while his hands swept down her curves. The distance between their bodies disappeared, every soft, trembling inch of her pressing against his taut and powerful form, and at the first feel of each other, passion razed anything and everything in its path.

Her fears and doubts, his need for control and distance – they were all laid to waste until the only thing that remained was their hunger for each other.

Kady somehow found herself lying on her back, her clothes melting away one by one until she was completely bare to his ravenous gaze.


A powerful shudder racked his big, beautiful body at the sound of his name on her lips.

And then he was moving again, too fast for her dazed senses to comprehend, that by the time she drew another breath, he had already knelt down, his head between her legs.


His tongue had thrust into the swollen moist depths of her womanhood without warning, and oh God, it was beautiful. Too impossibly beautiful. Just so beautiful that she could no longer keep herself from crying out and literally sobbing his name out loud.

Slade. Please. Oh God. Slade. Slade.

Her body started to tighten, and she helplessly clutched the sheets with her fists.

Please, oh pleaaaaaaase.

His fingers tightened its hold on her hips as he forced her legs to open wider.

Wider and wider and wider until he could bury his mouth and grind his tongue against her.


There was no warning after that, the pleasure simply taking over like a tsunami of sensations, and all she could do was cry and let it take her wherever it wanted and for however long it could carry her. Over and over her body convulsed, and not once did all the signs of desire that he taught her – not once did they stop…

The rapid beat of her heart—

The exquisite ache of her heavily swollen breasts—

And the never-ending, always-pulsing weakness—


Her body jerked one last time, and she squeezed her eyes shut, wishing it could last forever.

Please, please, please.

She felt the body shift and dip, and her eyes slowly drifted open.

Oh God.

He had one knee on the bed, and then another, until her body was between his legs, and he was kneeling over her, blue eyes trained on her while his hand stroked his big, hard cock.

Oh, oh, oh God.

She didn’t even hesitate, didn’t wait for him to ask, Kady raising herself on her elbows as her lips parted.

Inch by inch, his cock carefully thrust inside her mouth.

She began to lick, and his fingers gently threaded through her locks.

She started sucking, and his grip on her hair tightened.

She sucked harder, and he began to guide the movement of her head.

Oh God.

Deeper and deeper his cock went, until its head was hitting the back of her throat, but even as it almost made her gag, she refused to let go, wanting and needing to make him come the way he had taken her to heaven and back.

Closing her eyes, she concentrated on pleasuring him, and soon she could feel him starting to shudder, and his thrusts began to lose its steady pace. He was shoving his cock harder and faster now, harder and harder, faster and faster—

She cried out as the first stream of cum shot down her throat. Another one followed. And another and another, until she lost count, and all she could do was drink all of it in, to the very last creamy drop.

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