Once in a while, insecurities would manage to wriggle its way inside her brain – it’s too soon, things are moving too fast, you’re being too easy – but then she’d feel Thornton’s own heart slamming against his chest, and she just knew.

Even without the words.

Even if it wasn’t the same with him yet…

It would be.

One day.

He would love her, too.

But for now—

Blake felt Thornton slowly lower her to his giant-sized bed, legs first, and then her bottom touching the black silk sheets.

Desire would make a very, very good start.

He started to reach for her, but Blake impulsively shook her head. “I can undress myself,” she heard herself say even as she could feel her cheeks flaming with every word.”But I’d also like to watch you…” Her voice awkwardly trailed off as shyness suddenly got the better of her, and Blake could only make a face when she saw Thornton’s lips twitch.

“It’s not funny,” she protested.

“It is.” His voice was its usual slow drawl. “But it’s also cute.” And this time, she did almost end up making him smile, with the way her whole face lit up. She was just so goddamn easy to please, it ironically left him feeling like he had no idea what was it he was supposed to do with her.

Fuck her brains out until she only knew to moan his name? Lock her up so she could only see him?

“Thorn.” Her sweet voice was filled with longing, and Thornton sucked in his breath as he realized that was his answer.

What she would need from him in the future…was for another day for him to think of.

But for now.

What she needed now—

To be claimed. Pleasured. Worshipped.

He could certainly fucking do that, all night long.

And so it started.

His gaze capturing hers, the way he knew she wanted, because her own eyes had always told him how much she loved losing herself in his. “Let’s do it then,” he rasped. “I want to see it, too. My girlfriend taking her clothes off—” Her whimper punctuated his words just as his voice dipped into a low, rough growl. “—because she wants me to fuck her.”

Blake moaned.

“And you want to. Don’t you, baby?”

“Yes.” She practically sobbed her answer out, and after this, the need for words ceased, and it was all gazes and movements.

Thornton watching her with ravenous dark eyes as she reached for the hem of her shirt. Got rid of her thermals. Unclipped her bra so her already-swollen breasts with its pointed, pouting tips could fall free.

And at the same time, she had watched him as well, her yearning reaching a feverish peak as layer after layer of clothing was peeled off until all that was left was a smooth, golden expanse of skin stretched over taut muscles.

Oh God.

Their eyes didn’t leave each other as they both reached for their jeans. Unbuttoning and unzipping. The denims going down inch after inch. And from there, a synchronous change of respiratory patterns and a simultaneous rise of tension, both of them breathing and panting hard as they divested themselves of that one last scrap of silk and cotton.

And at last…

At last…

His gaze devoured every naked inch of her, lingering at her bountiful breasts before descending to the pink-fleshed mound between her legs, and oh God, it was like having invisible fingers caress her.

But even so…

She couldn’t help doing the same thing to him, too. Couldn’t help imagining how it would feel to have all those beautiful hard muscles covering hers. Couldn’t help staring at the erection proudly jutting between his legs.

Just too many inches on that one, she also couldn’t help worrying just the slightest bit, but all these were forgotten when he started to reach for her.

She submitted to him without a thought, letting him guide and command her, and all she could do was close her eyes and moan as he made her lie on her back before covering Blake with his powerful build.


It was bliss.

Such pure, erotic, mind-breaking bliss, to have his beautiful hardness press against every inch of her.

But then he started kissing her.

And that was when she realized there were all sorts of levels of bliss, and each one was more agonizingly and excruciatingly beautiful than the last.

His tongue pushing inside her mouth. His mouth sucking on her neck. His teeth scraping her nipples. And later, much, much later, when Blake was so close to completely losing her mind, she felt his fingers stretching her open—


It was too much. Just the feel of it was too much. Too much. She tried to resist and hold it in. Tried to make it seem like she wasn’t such an innocent that just the feel of his fingers pushing inside of her pussy was enough to break her—

Oh, she did try, but he would have none of it.

“Let go, baby.”

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