A command that was as sharp as it was tender, and she could only cry out as she obeyed it, her body arching as his fingers pushed deeper. She felt something inside of her give way, a lightning flash of pain that had her gasping, but then his fingers started moving, and everything inside her changed.

Oh God.

She started coming.

And without warning, his fingers pulled out—

“No,” she begged with a scream.

Only to have those fingers replaced by his manhood.


Pressure built anew, and because she now knew what to sort of expect, she could only cling to his shoulders and wrap her legs around his waist as she waited with a confusing mix of terror and excitement.

Oh God…

His cock thrust into her in long, slow strokes that had the pressure tightening inside of her.

Any moment now…

Her vaginal muscles contracted instinctively, and hearing and feeling Thornton’s shuddering gasp only made them tighten reflexively.


Hearing her beloved groan her name out could only make Blake moan his in return. “Thorn.”

And then everything changed—

His control snapping.

His mouth latching to her breast just as his cock started pumping into her in a wild, furious burst of speed.

Oh God, oh God, oh God

And then there was no stopping it.

She came with a cry, and he growled right after, Thornton’s orgasm right behind hers. Limbs tangled and tightened, their bodies buckling and slamming into each other as his forceful thrusts continued its exquisite pummeling of her quivering pussy.

Her last glimpse before succumbing to the draw of slumber and exhaustion was of Thornton, his dark eyes staring possessively down at hers, and her lips moved in a voiceless response.

Yes. Yours. Forever.

Chapter Fifteen

Bliss. It had become her favorite word since last night, ever since she realized and experienced just how multifaceted it was. And now, waking up to find herself nestled in his arms, having his face the first thing she saw in the morning, she had her taste of another kind of bliss.

This one was sweeter than a baby’s breath—

His eyes opened.

Bliss, she thought again, but this time it was more magical than magic itself.

“Good morning.” His voice was still rough with sleep, and it was the sexiest sound in the world.

“Morning.” Hers, on the other hand, contained all the ugly croakiness of a pubescent frog’s, and the sheer unfairness of it had Blake grimacing. He saw this, and the way his gaze gleamed made it seem as if he knew exactly what she was thinking…or comparing.

“Not fair,” she pouted.

“I’m sorry.”

“You should make it up to me.”


An idea popped in her mind, but it was just so…well…kinky and lewd that the mere thought of saying it out loud had her turning red.

Thornton gazed at his girlfriend thoughtfully. If Blake had simply wanted him to kiss or even make love to her, she wouldn’t have had a problem saying such things out loud. Perhaps…she wanted him to say something sweet or nice? Then again, if that was just it, Blake would’ve more likely made a game out of it.

So it had to be something else, Thornton considered pensively.

Blake noticed the way he was studying her assessingly. “What?”

“I’m trying to figure out what you wanted to ask of me.” He saw her cheeks instantly turn a deeper shade of red at his words. Mm. “Is it kinky then?”

“Thorn!” A mortified wail, but the flash of guilt in her eyes told him he was on the right track.

“Would you like me to go down on you?”

Blake couldn’t help jerking upright to a sitting position and barely remembered to clutch the sheets to her naked breasts. “W-What?” Go down? On her? Did that mean…what she thought it meant?

Lots of curiosity there, but he could also see that wasn’t it. Mm.

Blake finally understood what Thornton was mulling over and frantically shook her head. “It was just a silly thought,” she told him hastily, “so forget about it, okay?”

“If you simply tell me what it is…”

She shook her head. No! Never! Ever!

Thornton frowned. What kinky suggestion could possibly embarrass his normally-shameless girlfriend? Something probably the virgin in her might think was wrong to ask for? Maybe…


Blake let out a squeak when Thornton suddenly rose to his knees as he reached for her. “What are you—” He pulled her up to flip her around, and she suddenly found herself facing the wall. “T-Thornton,” she couldn’t help stammering even as her heart started racing.

She felt and heard sheets rustling as Thornton moved to kneel behind her, and a shiver ran down her spine. “Thorn—” His fingers squeezed one cheek of her ass. Oh God.

“You want us to try a different kind of fucking.”

Blake could only whimper. It was weird, but there was just something about Thornton’s matter-of-fact tone that made the words sound a lot more dirtier than it should be.

“Was this…” Thornton’s other hand settled on the small of her back.

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