I was about to rear back to avoid his kiss, but in the next second, I felt his lips brush against my ear as he whispered, “Kalinychta, Schulyer mou.”

And then he was walking away, leaving me to stare dazedly at his back. Reverse psychology at work, I couldn’t help thinking, and it certainly proved successful, with his almost-kiss constantly trying to ruin my focus on work.

What if he really had tried to kiss me? And what if I had let him? What if…aaaaaargh!

By the time I gave up trying to work and folded my iPad keyboard shut, I had only written two pages’ worth of game script, and I still had four hours left to kill.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

I threw myself on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Somewhere in this plane, a beautiful, dark-haired guy was supposed to be attracted to me. He was also supposed to be an alpha, too…so why hadn’t he just kissed me against my will, dammit?

My body started to ache for his touch, but stubborn pride held me back. I briefly considered answering the unopened messages in my phone, some of which were from Clay and Kazuya, but it just didn’t feel right. I thought about using Tinder, just for the hell of it, but in the end, that didn’t feel right either.

Every inch of my flesh was burning now, and I was already wet between the legs…


My legs slowly went slack before gradually falling open against the mattress.

I could do that.

And my fingers slowly drifted down as my eyes closed.

Ioniko’s image once again flashed in my mind, but this time I welcomed it eagerly. I imagined Ioniko taking his clothes off as I started to stroke myself. Imagined the heavy, powerful weight of his beautiful body pressing down against mine, and my fingers started moving faster. Imagined how it would feel if his mouth were to latch on to my breast…


My other free hand started massaging my aching breast—

Oh God. I could just see him now, sucking…

And I started pinching my nipple until it was exquisitely swollen.

Yes, God, yes. In my mind, Ioniko’s hand had also started to move, pushing my legs open, and it had me thrashing restlessly. God. Oh God. I imagined his long, brown fingers finding my wet and quivering mound, and a cry escaped me when I reached for my throbbing clit.


I tried to keep my mouth shut even as my hips started moving up and down and I was rubbing my clit faster and faster—

God. Dear God.

If Ioniko were really here, he would probably be eating my pussy by now—


My body arched as I reached my orgasm, and I bit my lip hard to keep myself from crying out as pleasure threatened to consume me from within. It was so good. God, it was so, so good, and my body fell limply against the mattress as the last tremors of my release slowly faded.

I fell asleep as soon as I set my alarm and woke up three hours later feeling wonderfully good because…you know. After taking a fresh pair of underwear from my hand-carry, I pampered myself with a hot shower in the en-suite and took my time fixing my hair and even applying makeup.

When I was finally done, I felt even better because…you know.

I opened the door, and Ioniko was already waiting outside.

I started to smile and greet him…until I saw his smirk, which said everything.

A squeak escaped me. Oh my God. It can’t be. It couldn’t be. He couldn’t possibly know—

But just like before, it was as if he could read my mind as the billionaire murmured, “I wish you had let me join you, koukla mou.”

Athens was a magical at night, with moonlight bringing to life the exquisite contrast between the ruins of Ancient Greece and the marvels of the modern world. Even though we were hidden behind the tinted windows and bullet-proof doors of the billionaire’s limousine, it was no hardship imagining how the whispers of forgotten deities merged with the pulsing, heart-thudding beats of the music streaming out from the nightclubs we drove past.

It was a city like no other in a nutshell; it was just too bad I was still so lost in my embarrassment I couldn’t fully appreciate it.

“Just tease me and get it over with,” I pleaded. He knew. We both knew he totally knew that I had made it to the mile-high club all on my lonesome, and he most likely knew as well what his contribution to it was.

He knew, dammit, and the sooner he teased, taunted – anything was better, dammit, than his oh-so-polite way of dealing with it.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, koukla mou.”

“I hate you.”

He only had to smirk in response, and I realized too late that I had just ended up embarrassing myself yet again. Of course he wouldn’t believe I seriously hate him, duh. After my solo exhibit earlier, I might as well have the words Ioniko Vlahos Owns Me tattooed on my forehead.

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