And with his fingers still tightly curled around her wrist, Sarah found herself being dragged off, her legs working overtime to match Damian’s furious pace.

“Why did you hit him?” she demanded.

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Of course it matters!”

“Then I’ll tell you,” he said curtly, “once I’m certain he’s telling me the truth.”

Sarah froze. What truth? Could Colton have given the billionaire a hint about her feelings for Damian? Made him realize that she might not be as over him as she wished?

Damian could feel the violence inside of him simmering back into life when he saw a fleeting expression of guilt on Sarah’s face. “Tell me the truth,” he bit out. “Do you know about Beth Cohen?”

The way her face paled was answer enough, and Damian’s lips tightened.

With Colton’s words about Sarah being aware of Beth’s existence proving to be true, did that fucking mean the rest of the boy’s claims were true as well? Was Sarah seriously having an affair with a married man? And if she was, had Damian’s constant rejections of her driven Sarah to doing it? Was that why she had told him it was too late?


I think I’ve been spoiled, Sarah realized over at dinner that evening. Josiah and Naomi had just made their grand entrance, and while Sarah joined the rest of the guests in getting to their feet and clapping, part of her mind remained busy (over) analyzing Damian’s present behavior.

He had never ignored me before, Sarah thought uneasily. He avoided being with her, yes, but the moment they were in the same room, he had always been attentive to her needs and never failed to make her feel special. That was how it had always been…until now.

The thought had Sarah searching the ballroom for the billionaire, and she eventually found him seated at a table with his peers, all of whom were unmarried like him. She waited for him to look her way, like he usually did, but this time the billionaire’s attention remained fixed on their parents, who were now descending the ballroom’s sweeping staircase like American royalty.

Was this him being jealous over something Colton said or did? Or was he truly mad at her for some other reason? She couldn’t stop obsessing over the reason behind his indifference, and she couldn’t stop her gaze from continuously darting to his table, just to see if he’d finally look her way. But he never did, and even worse—-

A woman had approached Damian, and as she bent down to talk to the billionaire, Sarah didn’t miss the way the other woman’s breasts had threatened to swallow Damian’s face whole. The bitch!

Sarah sharply turned away to glare down at her salad while a mass of emotions churned inside of her. She was furious and stupidly jealous, but she was also hurt and afraid. This weekend was supposed to be about proving herself she was over Damian, so why was she acting like this?

She took her phone out in an effort to distract herself, and Sarah did end up forgetting about the billionaire when she saw the number of calls she had missed from Colton. As she typed a quick text, asking what was wrong, her phone rang again, and Sarah immediately excused herself when she saw the name that had popped up on her screen.

After stepping out of the ballroom, she walked several meters away before answering the call. “Hey, Hardy.”

Unbeknownst to Sarah, Damian had gone after her the moment he saw her leave, and as he came closer, he heard her speaking in a voice that could only be described as affectionate.

“No, I haven’t told them about you yet, sorry…I’m just waiting for the right time.”

Damien could feel his face whitening as he listened to Sarah’s words.

“Trust me, it will work out. Okay? So stop worrying and stressing yourself. Can you promise me that?”

Damian’s fists clenched at the tender look on Sarah’s face.

“I love you, too, Hardy. Good night.” Sarah ended the call with a sigh of relief. Thank God she been able to talk Hardy out of doing something crazy. Turning around to head back to the ballroom, she had only taken a few steps back when she saw Damian standing in front of her, and she let out a startled squeak.


“I never thought Moore was telling me the truth.”

She stared at him in genuine bewilderment. “What are you talking about?”

“There’s no need to pretend,” Damian snapped. “Moore told me enough.”

“I really have no idea—-”

“Hardy,” Damian nearly spat the name out in his rage. “The one you just finished speaking to and said I love you to, dammit. That’s the man I’m talking about.”

Sarah froze.

“And the reason why you haven’t told any of us about him is because he’s married,” Damian condemned harshly. “Isn’t it?”

“W-What?” But her mind was already working overtime, and when she saw Damian start towards her, she didn’t even hesitate. She took her heels off and ran away without looking back.

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