And that shadow was enough, Damian told himself fiercely. All he needed was a goddamn place to start, and if lust was all she had left for him, then he would take what he could get, and work with it.

He cupped her chin, so she wouldn’t be able to look away. He wanted her eyes to see only him as he told her the truth.

“You want me.”

She started shaking her head, but he wouldn’t let her.

“And you’re going to show how much you want me right now.”

Her eyes widened in disbelief while his gleamed with danger.

“You made me a promise before, remember? I still have it in my phone.”

While Sarah had no trouble understanding exactly what he was talking about, she couldn’t quite make herself believe that he still had in his phone the text she had sent him all those years ago. That was just too impossibly sentimental for someone like him to do, and—-oh my God!

The billionaire had held his phone up for her to see, and Sarah’s own damning words from the past stared back at her.

Sarah: If you come back today I’ll give you a blow job. No questions asked before or after.

When she felt Damian’s fingers loosen its hold, Sarah immediately sprung away from him while wrapping her arms around her body. “You can’t hold that against me—-”

“Ah, but I can, love, and I will.” Blue eyes smirked at her. “Because you want me to hold it against you,” he purred. “You want me to force you into doing it. Command you to do what your body’s dying to feel—-”

Her arms tightened around her body in a futile attempt to control its shaking, and she shook her head in wild denial of what he was saying. “No—-”

“Yes.” Damian calmly pulled out one of the vanity chairs and unfolded his length on it. “And we’re starting right now.” He crooked a finger at her. “Get on your knees, love.”

Oh God. The most feminine parts of her began to throb and moisten at the sinful invitation in his voice. God, oh God. He was so, so, so…sexy. Just at his hottest and sexiest, every time he indulged her fantasies and turned himself into a cocky bastard like he was doing now.

“Come, Sarah.”

No. Don’t. Stop. Her mind was screaming the words over and over, but the desire that had enslaved her body easily overruled it, and Sarah found herself taking one shaky step forward. And then another and another.

“Good girl.”

Until she was standing between his long, muscular legs, her mind a complete mess, and her body a mere, melting and shuddering mass of yearning.

He tugged her hand, just one soft but firm tug, and she found herself obeying his silent command as she slowly fell to her knees.

“Do you think you can handle taking my cock out of my pants?”

Sarah gulped. “I t-think so.”

“Then do it.” Damian watched Sarah lower her head, amused despite everything else when he saw her brows furrowed with concentration as she slowly and carefully reached for his pants. “It won’t bite, love,” he teased.

“I know.” A tiny smile curved over her rosebud lips as she spoke, and it had Damian biting back a groan. Fuck. He had thought he had himself in control, but clearly not, with the way the mere sight of Sarah’s smile had him breathing hard.

It took an agonizing eternity before she was finally able to pull his cock out of its confines, and by that time he was breathing hard and tightly gripping the chair’s armrests to keep himself from grabbing her head and plow her lovely, little mouth with his already engorged dick.

“What now?” He saw Sarah lick her lips nervously after speaking, and fuck, but it was just too much temptation to handle, and he had to bend down and fist her hair so he could have another taste of her mouth. She gasped at the first contact, clearly taken by surprise, but a moment later, he felt her completely surrendering herself to his kiss, her lips parting wide open as her tongue gently stroked up to meet his. The sweetness of it rocked him, and he found himself growling against her lips.


And this of course had her whimpering. She was a cute, dirty little girl like that, with the way her body came alive with every swear word he threw out.

Damian forced himself to end the kiss and pull away before he completely lost control. Both of them were panting, and he found himself cursing anew when he saw her swollen lips and the way her chest was rapidly rising and falling under her gown.

“Do you know how fucking sexy you look right now?”

Sarah shook her head.

“It makes me want to fucking eat you, every fucking inch of you—-”

A shudder rocked her body, so powerful it had her unconsciously grabbing his knees for balance.

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