His eyes locking with hers, he slowly adjusted his hold on her, and she caught her breath when the new position had his cock sliding up and down against her already wet and throbbing folds. “D-Damian…”

His arousal grew at the way her eyes closed and her head fell back.

“Oh God, Damian.” If the mere sliding motions of his cock felt this good, how much more incredible would it feel, once he finally made her his?

When Damian felt her fingers dig deep into his back, he took it as his cue and bent his head to recapture her mouth. She moaned immediately, and the sound was more than gratifying, forcing him to strove for control as he guided her down until she was lying on her back on their pile of clothes.

He kissed her harder as his full weight rested down on hers, and she moaned against his lips while instinctively wrapping her legs around his waist. The new position caused the head of his cock to slip in, and both of them jerked against each other. A moment later, another inch slipped in, and when he raised his head to gauge her reaction, it was to see her eyes looking up at him…

And goddammit, but he could almost believe that she was in love with him again.


He had to say her name.

“I love you, Sarah.”

And he could no longer control himself.

He penetrated her with a single, forceful thrust, his cock driving past her hymen, and he couldn’t take his gaze off her face as he watched her gasp and catch her breath at the pain of her deflowering. Maybe…just maybe, he really was the sadist and Dom she teased him to be. Because instead of feel regret at the pain he caused her, he had found himself relishing it—-

And the way she was looking at him now, it did seem she was also the masochistic sub she liked roleplaying as when they were together.

“It hurt,” she whispered.

“I know.”

“You’re not going to say sorry?”

“I’d be lying if I did.”

A choked laugh escaped her, but it quickly turned into a whimper when he started moving. “Damian!” Her eyes flew up to him. “It’s too soon—-”

“Is it?” And still he kept moving, his cock pulling almost all the way out before sliding back in. “You’ll get used to it soon enough.”

Her nails raked over his back. “Sadist.”

“I guess I am,” he crooned. “And doesn’t that make you happy?” He grasped one rounded cheek of her ass as he spoke and punctuated his words by pushing her up as he plunged back down with another deep, forceful thrust.


“Am I hurting you?”


“And do you like it?”

Her body shuddered at the question, but with his cock still relentlessly plowing her cunt, Sarah could only sob her answer out. “Yes.” She stopped thinking after that, the pleasure of his possession completely dominating her senses. And when at one point, he had reversed their positions, and he had pinched her ass before ordering her to ride him, she actually found herself crying out in pleasure as she submitted herself to his demand. She rode him, milked him, and it was while she was arched over his body, her breasts bouncing with every thrust, it was then she felt him starting to swell, and her body starting to tighten—-

Their gazes met.

And suddenly, it was all too clear.

“I love you, Damian.”

To which he had the perfect answer a moment later.


Classic Damian, and she found herself laughing and crying and moaning as both of them started cumming at the same time. She could feel him watching her, and she let him, not making the slightest attempt to hide anything from his hungry gaze.

“I love you,” she whispered again.

After that, it was just one happy moment blurring into another, simply because everything Damian said and did, and everything that was by him, of him, and about him really – all of it made her happy. She loved the strength he displayed when carrying her in his arms and the quiet reverence in his touch as he bathed her. She loved the way he couldn’t seem to get enough of her now, with the way he would frequently reach for her just to brush his lips over her hair or shower her face with kisses. And most of all, she couldn’t deny how happy she was when he invited her to step out to gaze at the stars, and after a few moments, it was to hear the whirring sound of a chopper’s rotor blades as it flew above them—-

The doors opened, and she saw a grinning Tommy crouching down just before a banner rolled out from the chopper, and Sarah started crying when she read what the gold-painted letters spelled out. All at once, she understood several things: they could’ve been rescued a lot earlier, this cabin didn’t just happen to be conveniently empty, and Damian had made all of it happen…probably before he had smashed his own phone to pieces.

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