“Will you please wait?”

He was angry. That was obvious enough, and while I had a feeling I was the one who made him angry, I had no idea how that happened.

“Damian, please!”

He was only several steps away from the hotel elevators now while I still had a few meters to catch up to. I started to run…but ended up gasping out as I crashed into another hotel guest. The guy had just entered the lobby, and if not for his quick reflexes, I’d have completely fallen on my butt.

“Whoa.” The stranger helped me regain my balance and I rubbed my temple, which seriously hurt. “Are you alright?”

I opened my mouth to answer, but it was Damian’s icy voice that responded to him first.

“She’s fine.”

My head jerked up as long strong fingers curled around my wrist, and I only caught a glance of the other guy’s bemused expression…just before Damian started dragging me towards the elevators.

“Where are we going?” I asked breathlessly as we stepped inside the first elevator that opened its doors.

Instead of answering, he asked sharply, “Are you alright?”

I beamed up at him. “Did I make you worry?”

“Just answer the question,” he snarled.

“You are worried!”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake.”

“And jeal—-oww!” I ended up yelping in pain when he suddenly pinched my cheeks. “That hurt!”


“Good?” I was once again staring up at him, wide-eyed. “I’m hurt, and it’s good?” I shook my head in wonderment. “Does that mean you’re a sadist? Or does that make you a Dom?”

“What the hell?”

“I’m cool with either,” I told him helpfully. “Whether you need me to be an M or a sub—-”

His hand covered my mouth, and as I blinked at him, he hissed, “Will you shut up? You’re going to get me arrested if you keep talking like that.”

“But there’s no one around,” I protested as soon as his hand left my mouth.

“You shouldn’t get used to talking like that either way,” he muttered.

“But I’m right, aren’t I?”

He rolled his eyes.

“You like me.”

“No, I—-”

Impatient at his stubborn refusal to acknowledge the burning truth between us, I decided to just do it ala Michael Jordan and take The Shot.

So I stood on my toes and kissed him.


At first he was stiff and unresponsive, his lips cold, hard, and unmoving under my mouth.

After that, he was furious, the force of his emotions burning through the fierce manner in which he gripped my shoulders as he tried to push me away with a hiss. “Stop it.”

But of course I didn’t stop. I couldn’t, not with that feeling making me breathless and weak in the knees, not with serendipity whispering in my ear and making my heart race like it never had before.

I’m sorry, Damian. I’ll happily be a masochistic Sub for you, but not now. Not over this. Not when I think God gave you to me.

So instead of stopping, I tried harder, and this time I dared to lick his lower lip with my tongue. He probably wouldn’t believe me at this point, but the truth was, I had never kissed a guy in my entire life. I liked my novels racy, though, and all those pages read totally paid off when I felt Damian’s lean, hard body jerk against mine.


My handsome Dom do so loved to curse, but I didn’t mind at all. I found it absolutely sexy, and a hundred times sexier was the way he suddenly had me backed against the wall, which felt like a scene straight out of my favorite steamy romance.

“Damn you.”

The words made me want to giggle even as my toes curled hard at the rough rasp of his voice. All this cussing was a turn on, but if I told him that, Damian would probably turn himself into a monk just to be perverse.

“Remember,” he grated out. “You wanted this.”

I do. I will.

But there was no time to answer, with Damian already fisting my hair as he bent his head down and sucked on my tongue hard.


It was like being struck by a lightning bolt of pleasure, and the hands that I kept clenched behind my back moved on their own, first to clutch at his shirt, but when he angled my head to deepen the kiss, it suddenly didn’t feel enough, and my hands moved up to press against his chest. Which was pure muscle, and so darn sexy it had me whimpering against his lips.

When I heard the elevator chime out as its doors slid open, I half-expected, half-dreaded the kiss ending, and it did…but only for Damian to sweep me up in his arms. So it wasn’t over then? I pulled back a little, cautiously hopeful, and as soon as our gazes met, he said grimly, “It’s too late for you to back out.”


I quickly hid my face against his neck so he wouldn’t catch me smiling. Silly, handsome Damian. The thought of backing out hadn’t even crossed my mind, and there was only excitement and a rather sensual thrill of fear when I felt him take his card key out to unlock his door.

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