I truly thought I was only crying the words out silently in my mind, but the way Damian’s big, hard body shuddered over mine told me I had actually ended up moaning them out loud.


And now, it was my turn to shudder and moan, the sound of Damian cursing never failing to whip my body up in a sexual frenzy. His head moved down, and I didn’t even think twice of parting my legs open—-

“Good girl.”

Even as the words he rasped out made me blush all over, it was also impossible to deny how lovely they made me feel. Maybe…I was an M, after all. Maybe. It was my last hazy thought, my brain shutting down completely the moment I felt Damian slowly trace the cleft of my vagina with his middle finger.


Words utterly failed me, my mind simply incapable of describing the sheer wanton pleasure of feeling Damian touch the most secret and intimate part of my body. It was like…it was like being owned and petted at the same time, and I wanted more. Needed more. So much that I found myself begging for it.

“Please,” I whimpered. It wasn’t enough that he simply kept stroking with just one finger, and at such a leisurely pace it was as if he was doing it only to torture me.

“Please what?”


“Then…” A gasp escaped me as his finger briefly left my folds, and I bit my lip when I felt him reach for my panties. “Can I get this out of the way?”

I barely finished nodding when he was already inching it down my legs, and by the time the scrap of cotton was tossed to the floor, I could already feel my folds turning silky wet as they throbbed and quivered for his attention.

“God, you’re hot.” I could only blush and squirm under his possessive scrutiny of my flesh, and when his fingers parted my folds open, I couldn’t even remember to feel shy or afraid. I simply arched up—-

“I need to know how you taste…”

My body buckled.

Oh God. Taste. He was going to taaaaaaaaaste——

His tongue pushed inside my folds.


I dropped back against the bed while my legs fell completely wide open under the voraciously lovely assault of his mouth. It was heaven and hell all over again, but a hundred times better and worse, and I could only writhe and moan while my fingers once again reached out in their blind quest to hold on to him…and hold him to me.

Every forceful, devouring thrust of his tongue destroyed me, and I could feel my whole body start to tighten as the pressure inside of me grew…and simmered…and burned…

Oh Gooooooooood.

And because he was the man whose presence bore the kiss of serendipity, Damian seemed to sense the moment the pressure inside of me climbed to its peak.

Even while his tongue was still driving in and out of my pussy, he reached for that tiny, stiff nub of pleasure and placed it between his fingers. And then he was rubbing it…hard and fast, and the pressure inside of me burst——

Pleasure rocked my world, stars exploding behind my lids as my lips parted in a silent cry. I came hard, harder than my eighteen-year-old mind was capable of imagining, and while my body was still shuddering under the force of my seemingly endless orgasm, it was then I heard a knock on the door, followed by a voice that had only just become recently familiar.


And Damian’s eyes locked with mine as he answered, “Yeah?”

“You alone?”


A pause, and then the voice said quite casually, “Just don’t be late for the wedding later.”

“Of course.”

“Night, son.”


Shock ripped through me even as my body continued to shudder and twitch its way through the last fading waves of my release.

That was Josiah’s voice.

Josiah, my mother’s husband-to-be.

Which would then make Damian…

“Stepbrother,” I choked out.

“Yes.” Damian’s lips twisted in a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. “Welcome to the family, love.”

He stared down at me for one long moment, and I stared up at him, unable to make sense of anything.

Another moment passed, and then he was pulling away, and I quickly righted my bra before scrambling out of his bed. I could feel him watching me as I picked my clothes off the floor and dressed in a hurry, and his hard blue eyes following my every move made something abundantly clear: even with the truth already out, Damian Fox still wanted me, his stepsister.

When I finally turned to him, I still had no idea what to say…while Damian clearly didn’t have the same problem.

“Do you hate me now?” His voice was harsh, his words underscored by an emotion I couldn’t put a handle on.

Should I?

“You should, you know.” His voice became even harsher. “I took advantage of you.”

Had he?

“I knew who you were from the start, and I still…”

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