“A magical coin?”

“A magical weapon,” he corrected. “It’s a temporary restraint, and how long it lasts depends on how strong your enemy is. It works on both the living and the dead, but you can only use it once.”

“How do I use it?” I asked shakily.

“That’s the hard part.” Hadrian squeezed my knees as if he already knew I’d need the comfort of his touch for his next words. “You need to let the entity get close to you—-”

I gulped.

“To do this.” He took the coin from my hand and placed it over my eye, which in worst-case scenario, meant I’d have to do the same thing…to a ghost.


I took the coin from his hand and pocketed it. “Does it really have to be an eye?” I asked unhappily.

“Charon’s rules.”

“The ferryman?”

“I’m impressed that you know him,” Hadrian murmured.

“Hercules trivia.”

“Or maybe not.”

A moment later, and we were smiling each other.

“I like this,” I said softly.



Another moment passed, and I found myself wetting my lips, and his gaze started to smolder. Another moment…and we both ceased to think.

In a blink of an eye, our positions had reversed, and I hadn’t even any idea how it happened. He was the one on the couch now, and I was straddling his lap. He got as far as unzipping himself and I managed to get my underwear down one leg. And then he was thrusting in, and I was pushing myself down.

I moaned.

He growled.

But the pleasure only kept building, and the pressure inside my body just kept tightening. Our bodies were practically grinding against each other now, and I could only shudder and clutch his head when he took one pink straining bud into his mouth. He sucked hard while his fingers tightly gripped my hips.

“Hadrian.” I couldn’t help gasping his name, couldn’t help moving wildly because I wanted him deeper inside of me.

His head left my breast, but before I could moan in protest he had already captured my mouth with his. His tongue thrust hard into my mouth, and my nails dug into his back. I tried to make it last, and I could feel him sweating and straining to do the same. But something had to eventually give, and when it did…

A powerful shudder rocked his body just as I gasped against his mouth.

Oh, when it did…


It was a wild, wet, beautiful mess.

Chapter Seven


You know one of the few things I miss about being alive? 911. I really missed the sense of security it gave me, knowing that I had the authorities on speed dial. But when you’re dead? It’s every ghost to himself.

HADRIAN AND I WERE in his bed. Had been so for hours, since what happened in his living room only turned out to be a prelude. He had also been a little rougher and more possessive than usual in his lovemaking, but I didn’t mind. He could do whatever he wanted to me, and I’d bet my ghostly life he wasn’t even capable of harming a single hair on my head.


I rolled from my side of the bed and caught a glimpse of his lips twitching as I purposefully landed myself in between his legs. I planted my elbows on his perfect-looking abs and propped my face on my hands before looking up at him. “What is it, milord?”

A crooked smile unfurled over his lips. “Milord?”

“You look like one.”

“A lord?”

“My lord…and my boyfriend.”

The smile turned into a grin, and I felt crazy pleased at the sight of it. There was something about Hadrian’s smiles and grins that made me think it really had been a while since he last enjoyed his time with a woman. Which was weird, considering he had said he was only recently divorced.


I felt his fingers threading lazily through my hair as he murmured my name, and it felt so good that my arms folded down so I could rest my head against his flat stomach.

“Am I really that?” he murmured.


“Your lord and your boyfriend.”

I lifted my head up to see if he was joking. “Don’t tell me you still think you have anything to be jealous about?”

His lips tightened.

“Hadrian.” I rose to my knees in an instant. “Seriously?”

“Why did you want to see your ex?” he asked tautly.

I straddled his lap and cupped his handsome, chiseled face. “I wanted to be sure he wasn’t my unfinished business…milord.” I dropped a quick, teasing kiss on his lips, or at least that was my plan, but then his fingers gripped my hair, and well, Hadrian changed the kiss into something else.

When he finally lifted his head, I could only touch my lips, which felt swollen and tingly at the same time.

“He wasn’t your unfinished business.”

It was my first time to hear Hadrian speak with such arrogance, and I had to fight back a smile as I said obediently, “No. He wasn’t.” But because my ex was out, and my parents were already in the Isle of the Blessed, it did beg the question: who else was left in this world to keep me from moving on?

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