The hero’s hand climbed up in a tantalizingly slow pace, and Seri jerked in her seat as she found herself falling into a hot, vivid illusion. In her mind, she saw Vassi doing the same thing, his powerful hand moving up on her skin—-

Seri’s legs trembled the same time the heroine’s legs trembled in the film.

The hero’s fingers found the girl’s core.

And Seri imagined, Seri saw, Seri felt the same thing, Vassi’s hand finding her most tender flesh.

The heroine gasped, and Seri gasped with her.

The hero smirked, and she saw Vassi smirking.

The heroine’s breath hitched, and so did hers.

And then the hero was kissing the heroine, making her moan.

And. It. Was. The. Same. For. Her.

Oh God.

She blindly fumbled for the mouse, clicked Stop, and slumped in her seat. Oh God, she was panting, and her body felt like it was both weak and burning hot and the same time. It was almost like she had a fever that no medicine could suppress. No, the only cure for this was—-


She closed her eyes and swallowed back a moan.


Her fingers trailed down her body.


Oh God, Vassi.

Seri tried played back her recording.

Her moans and gasps filled the room, and they were…beautiful.



Chapter Eight

The buzzing alarm clock beside her laptop jarred Seri out of her concentration, and she quickly fumbled to stop its alarm. She glanced at the time, and a squeak of surprise escaped her when she realized it was already ten minutes past five in the afternoon.

The boys would be back from their shopping trip any moment now, and since they also had the mayor’s annual Christmas fundraiser to attend, that left her with—-

She glanced at her laptop’s screen to check the time.

Derr’ mo. She only had half an hour to shower and dress up.

Seri jumped out of her seat and almost fell flat on her face. The muscles in her legs had gone numb, and she wondered vaguely how long she had been working. Five hours? Six?

Seri couldn’t remember exactly what time she started, and if she had to be honest, her brain didn’t seem to be working at all. It was still submerged in the sensual haze of her fantasies, and when she was inside the shower, the weird, drugged state she was in only got worse.

When Seri closed her eyes, she was stunned to find her body reacting to the shower’s exquisitely hot water like it was a caress, the liquid sliding down her skin echoing the movement of imaginary long, hard fingers.

It lulled her into a dreamy state, and Seri practically floated to her closet. The fantasies continued, and everything she touched and wore seemed to be the perfect complement to her secret desires.

The rasp of silk as she zipped her dress up reminded her of how the hero undressed the heroine—-

(Of how Vassi undressed Seri)

She selected a pair of pearl studs, and as she pinned them to her ears, her mind was somehow able to conjure yet another breathtakingly similar scene.

The hero biting the heroine’s ear—-

(Vassi biting Seri’s ear)

Her fingers shook, and it took a couple of tries before she was able to secure the studs on her ears.

Seri reached for the perfume and sprayed a bit on her wrists and the back of her ears, and even this struck a vivid memory in her.

The hero breathing the heroine’s scent as he wrapped his arms around her from behind—-

Slowly, she placed the perfume bottle back on the dresser.

Her eyes closed.

She wrapped her arms around herself, and it was almost…

Almost like…


In her mind, she remembered the way the heroine moaned at the hero’s caress, and Seri’s lips parted in a silent cry of pleasure. Slowly, she came to her feet and moving to the shoe closet, she chose a pair of metallic pumps. And again she remembered, this time of how the hero worshipped every part of the heroine’s body, even placing a kiss on the arch of the girl’s dainty foot—-

(Of how Vassi worshipped Seri’s body, even placing a kiss on the arch of her foot)

Her body trembled, just as someone knocked on the door.

For one moment, she was tempted to pretend not to have heard anything.

But when the person kept knocking, she forced her limbs to move, feeling like she was sleepwalking all the while.

Whoever it was, Seri thought vaguely, she would get rid of the person immediately. Right now, everything was just a distraction, none of it as important, as beautiful, as seductive as the ability to imagine things…

Seri opened the door, and the first thing she saw was her hero, no, wait, it was Vassi—-

Fantasies collided with reality, and she jumped nearly a foot back. “Derr’ mo!” She was so disoriented for a moment, unable to decide if the Vassi in front of her was real or not.

Unable to help it, Seri reached out to touch his cheek.

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