And even when over a decade had already passed, Vassi had spoken of them like they had only happened yesterday.

Just listening to him made it clear how much he loved Fyodor and Marianna, how much he loved their family the way it was.

And because she loved him, more than anyone else in the world, she would make sure that their family stayed the way it was.

Even if they ended up hating each other—-

She would do it.

Because she loved him.

Chapter Eleven

Present Time

I’m not going to think about his dick.

But her mental warning was useless, falling on deaf ears and a body that acted on its own volition.

As the muted anime continued to play on her screen and Seri saw the heroine tumble onto the hot guy’s lap, she couldn’t help it.

She had to think about his dick.

As the heroine’s lips parted, Seri moaned with her out loud, knowing that the soundproofed walls of her bedroom would keep her secret safe.

“Aaaaaah.” The moan came out just right, but her timing was wrong, and she ended up moaning the same time the Japanese-Russian hero on the screen started to speak.

Derr’ mo. She stopped the recording and tried again. In many ways, singers really had it easier than seiyuu like her. Singers could be themselves and just let the beauty of their voices shine through their songs. Voice actors, though – they had to be themselves…and someone else at the same time. Seiyuu had to make sure their viewers or audience would feel what they and their characters feeling, and right now—-

Seri gazed at the screen in frustration. Was there really no chance for this to work without having to think about his dick?

Biting her lip, she decided to make another attempt at recording and ignored the exasperated voice inside her head, telling her she was just being foolishly stubborn.

Seri moaned as the girl on the screen moaned. She pressed Stop and replayed her recording—-

A terrible sound emerged from the speakers.

Seri hastily stopped the playback, thinking resignedly, I’m going to think about his dick.

And so…she did.

She closed her eyes and pictured herself as Aya, a good girl with a secret, a high school nerd who had sexual fantasies about every gorgeous guy she ever encountered. They didn’t know that, of course, until…this guy in front of her.



Seri clicked Play on the video.

“No…not there please…oh…please…ah!” This time, she was able to gasp in perfect synchrony with the character on the screen. And before she knew it, her imagination had taken over and her body was on fire.

On the screen, Aya and her guy were about to come, and Seri’s breath hitched. When their passion reached its peak, it was almost like she was experiencing the same thing as her mind was filled with images of him—-

Always and only him.

And cut!

Seri breathed a sigh of relief, and a pleasant sense of exhaustion almost had her sagging in her seat. But she forced herself to move, knowing she had no time to waste. An hour flew by as she edited her recording and saved the file. Finally, she printed out a label for her audition DVD.

Seri Deveraux – Audition DVD

Applying for the role of Aya in Drawn: His Secret Toy

She went back to her application sheet next, nipping the push-button tip of her pen as she considered the last few questions. She had skipped answering them last night, but with her audition DVD done, she knew she had to finish everything today.

Part III: Please answer the questions honestly. We need to see if your personality is a perfect match for the character.

Are you in love? Yes.

If you answered yes, does the guy love you back? No.

If you answered yes, did you try getting his attention first?

If you answered no, what do you plan to do to get his attention?

Pretending that her situation wasn’t hopeless, Seri began to write, hoping that the mangaka, who was usually responsible for both the artwork and storyline, would appreciate the humor in her answer.

And then I’m going to—-

The intercom buzzed, making Seri jump in her seat. She answered it absently, “Hello, dick—-I mean Rick?” Seri mentally kicked herself in the head several times.

Thankfully, their long-time butler was paid to be impassive. “Miss Seri, Master Fyodor is asking if you’d like to join the rest of the family for breakfast.”

“Umm, sure.” She answered slowly, a little confused since everyone at home knew she tended to skip meals when working.

As if reading her mind, Rick said after a delicate pause, “Master Vassi is home.”


There was an even lengthier pause, and Seri realized too late that she had the word out loud again. This time, she banged her head against the table for real.


It had been two years, and yet—-

Why was it that the mere thought of Vassi under one roof with her turned her brain into sex-drugged mush?

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