Unable to help it, Seri looked down, and she swallowed when she saw that his bulge still made a large, rock-hard dent against the soft fabric of his pants.


Was it normal, to want him even more now?

She managed to pull her gaze away before Vassi realized what she was staring at. Clearing her throat, she mumbled, “T-thank you.” She made her way carefully to the bed, conscious of the fact that he was fully dressed while she only had a flimsy towel around her body. Bending down, she picked the gift up and tore the wrapping away. Wrestling the box open, she gasped when she realized what he had given her.


It was the bag that she had been hankering for, a limited-edition hand-painted design from a Japanese luxury brand. It was the same bag that Marianna had with her when she won Seiyuu of the Year during her debut. Since then, she had considered it her lucky charm, and she always took it with her every time she’d fly to Japan.

“Doesn’t seem like you like it that much,” Vassi teased, seeing her expression.

“Shut up.” But she couldn’t even take her eyes from the bag, couldn’t stop herself from grinning. And for that moment, all their problems and the tension between them seemed to disappear, and all she could feel was sheer happiness, knowing that this precious gift was from Vassi.

Running her fingers over its back, Seri told him, “You know the other boys will be mad at you again, don’t you?” It wasn’t exactly what she wanted to ask, but it was all her courage could afford.

What was that about? Does it mean you like me? Love me? What happens now?

All these questions were at the tip of her tongue, hanging on the edge and unable to see the light of the day because of her insecurities.

Vassi tugged on a lock of her hair, and the touch was so poignantly familiar she had to swallow past a lump in her throat to croak out, “What?” He tugged on her hair again, and she made herself look up.

“Do you really like it?”

She said simply, “More than anything in the world.” A distasteful thought occurred to her, and Seri bit her lip. “But how did you find it? Did you get a girl to help you with it?” Seri steeled herself the moment she asked the question, telling herself that she would still be happy even if the gift was something one of his countless lovers had shopped for him.

After all, Vassi was infamous for not wanting to go shopping. He had even been quoted for saying that anyone who wanted to fuck him had better not make the mistake of taking him to a mall.

But in front of her, Vassi only appeared incredulous and even offended. “What the hell, leech?”

Bemused at his reaction, she tried to explain, saying, “But you always say in your interviews that you hate shopping—-” She stopped at his smirk.

“So you watch my interviews then.” Vassi crossed his arms over his chest as he gazed at her with triumph.


She said huffily, “That’s not the point. I’m just saying, it’s reasonable for me to think you weren’t—-”

“I’m the one who picked it out,” he cut her off sharply. “Did you really think I’ve changed that much? You know how much everyone in the family likes shopping for you.”


“Besides, it wouldn’t mean anything if I hadn’t been the one to search for your gift.” And his irritation was more than evident as he muttered under his breath, “Idiot leech.”

Sweetness pierced her heart at the way picking her gift obviously meant so much to Vassi, but Seri told herself not to read anything into it too soon. “You can’t blame me,” she argued. “You never bought anything for Shelby, did you?” Back then, the only thing Vassi seemed to give his then-girlfriend was multiple orgasms, and her teeth gnashed as nightmarish memories flooded her mind.

The noises they made back then—-

Seri tried not to gag.

“You’re different from the rest,” Vassi was muttering. “How many times do I have to tell you that, you stupid leech? You’re family.”


He suddenly cupped her chin. “I mean it—-”

His gaze seared her, and her mind chose that exact moment to replay the last time she had seen him.

Vassi holding his big, hard dick, stroking himself—-

Bo zheh moy.

Oh my God.

Just like that, she was trembling. Just like that, she wanted to grab him by the collar and pull him to her so that his mouth would fall on her—-

Vassi frowned. “Seri?”

She turned red. “I…” But no excuses came to her mind, nothing to explain the way his nearness was making her senses tingle again.

So she did the only possible thing next.

Seri grabbed a pillow from the bed and smacked him on the face with it, just like how she used to when she was a kid and Vassi hadn’t allowed her to tag along with him.

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