“What the—-” Vassi held the pillow in his hand and stared at her like she was crazy. “How old are you again?”

“Old enough to know when you’re just trying to butter me up so you can ask for a free back massage—-”

His eyes gleamed. “Now why didn’t I think of that?”

Oops. She had definitely said the wrong thing there. “Vassi—-”

But he had already thrown himself on her bed, arms flung wide open. “Ah.” Vassi practically purred as he stretched out like a lazy predatory cat relaxing after a kill.

“Massage away.”

She gaped at him. “No.”


Oh no, he so wouldn’t get her with that puppy look.

“Come on, solnishka moya, please?”


He was such an asshole, the way he didn’t hesitate to use all the sweetest weapons in the world to get his way.

With a grumbling sigh, she got to her knees on the bed.

Vassi stiffened.

“What?” she asked, confused.

“You can…err…change first, you know?”

Oh. His gaze was averted, but his body was tense, and—-

Again, her gaze went where it shouldn’t go, and Seri gulped. Was it just her imagination or had the bulge behind his pants gotten twice as big?

She heard herself say, “It’s okay.” Holy Mother of Russia, was that her voice? It was too sexy, almost like she could start dubbing for AVs after this.

“It’s just five minutes anyway.”

Vassi grunted, but his eyes were closed and his face had a strained expression on it.

Taking a deep breath, Seri slowly placed her hands on his back. His muscles jumped under her touch, but Vassi neither opened his eyes nor spoke.

Heat gradually enveloped her body as she kneaded his muscles, bathing her from head to toe until she felt like her world had become Vassi’s body. His scent was the air she breathed, the rough hiss of his breathing the only sound her ears could recognize, and the feel of his hard, powerful body the only thing that her hands could touch.

She tried, oh how she tried to concentrate on making her touch more therapeutic than sexual, but it was impossible. His skin was like satin over steel, tempting her fingers to linger and caress.

She wanted to close her eyes and savor every sensation. She wanted to pretend she was touching him for another reason—-

“Seri?” Vassi flipped on his back as he spoke, making the entire bed dip at his sudden movement. It took Seri by surprise, and she fell against him with a cry.

Her body crashed down on his, his unyielding strength forcing her softness to mold into him. She felt Vassi stiffen as their bodies came into contact.

And then she realized everything of him had stiffened, and she stared at him with open-mouthed shock.

It was still stiffening, getting harder and harder—-

His harsh breaths filled the room, and she struggled not to pant with him. The feel of his hardness was driving her crazy, it was so excruciating, tempting her to wriggle. Oh, Holy Mother of Russia, but how she wanted to.

But she couldn’t, knowing if she did she would give herself away.

So don’t move, Seri, she thought desperately. She mustn’t give in.

Mustn’t, mustn’t-—

But then it was Vassi who moved.

And everything changed.

A moan escaped Seri and she shifted over him, wanting to feel more of that deliciously hard and pulsing bulge against her femininity. She felt him freezing under her movements, but she was too long gone to worry about it.

Right now, all she knew was that she had to…


Her body slithered and wriggled, and the pleasure intensified, making her body throb and ache like it never had.

She saw Vassi’s hands spread out on the bed, gripping the cover tightly like it was all he could do not to touch her, and the sight made her moan again.

A growl escaped Vassi, and his breathing became harsher.

She couldn’t help looking at him, and she gasped at the way his silvery eyes practically devoured her—-

“Vassi.” His name was a cry, a plea – an invitation for him to do things with her.

Any kind of thing, all kinds of things – it didn’t matter.

As long as it was Vassi, everything would feel good.


But all he did was stare, his jaw tight even as the urgent, demanding movements of his dick were blatant proof that he was far from indifferent.

She swallowed, and suddenly it was impossible not to say a thing, impossible not to take a risk when his arousal was making her wet and hot, impossible not to seize the chance to make things different.

“Vassi, I want to tell you something.” Her fingers clutched his shoulders. “I d-don’t see you as my—-”

But in the blink of an eye, he was gone.

Everything happened too fast, and the next thing she knew, he was lifting her bodily off him, practically throwing her away as he jerked to his feet.

Pain from his rejection threatened to engulf her, but Seri forced herself to move, kneeling up on the bed as she looked up at him. “Vassi—-”

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