But it was far from over.

As the last waves of pleasure that racked her body started to die down, she realized Vassi had carried her to the couch. This time, he had her facing him on his lap, and he was slowly lowering her on his erection.

She stiffened. “V-Vassi?” She knew what was happening of course, but even so she was still worried and nervous about how it would finally feel, of how much it would hurt, and whether she could ever please him.

“It will cause you less pain like this.” His voice was rough with need, and she belatedly noticed the strain on his expression, which showed just how much he was controlling his urges to take care of her.

“Trust me, solnishka moya. I won’t cause you pain as long as I can help it.”

She nodded. “I k-know.” And it was true. Always, whenever Vassi was mad at her, it had always been for her own good, and she knew that no matter what happened, he would never hurt her without reason.

Even so, she couldn’t stop her thighs from trembling the closer and closer her pussy came to the head of his dick. Eventually, his dick started to slip in, and she bit her lip. It felt weird and good at the same time, having something of Vassi feel her and knowing that it wasn’t just his fingers this time.

He kept pushing her down, gently but steadily, and eventually the entire head of his dick disappeared into her pussy.


She couldn’t take her gaze away as her pussy took in more of his dick, inch and inch until both of them felt the flimsiest barrier blocking his entrance.

Their eyes met.

“D-do it.”

His hands tightened on her hips, and then he pushed his own hips up, plunging his erection deep into her. His dick tore past the barrier of her virginity, and it was painful enough to have her gasp and her eyes widen.

Her nails clawed deep into his back. “V-Vassi!”

“I know, solnishka moya. But it’s over now.” Clutching her tightly to him, Vassi pressed a kiss to her hair even as he struggled to keep himself in check and preventing his body from moving. Moments passed, and each second felt like an hour, with the way the urge to move and fuck the hell out of her continued to torment him.

“Does it still hurt?” he asked hoarsely.

“I d-don’t t-think so…” She moved her hips experimentally, pushing up and down, moving towards every direction, and she gasped, the pleasure caused by the motions of her body catching her by surprise.

Knowing that her body had finally adjusted, he carefully held her by the waist and slowly lifted her up and down his dick. He kept the pace steady and slow, and his thrusts were similarly gentle.

Her fingers tightened around his shoulders. “Vassi.”

He looked up at her. “What?”

Even as her face flamed, she couldn’t stop herself from whispering, “M-more. Please.”

His eyes glittered. “More what?”

She bit her lip. “You know.”

“But I don’t,” he purred. “And I won’t know,until you tell me.”


But his lips only curved while his seductive gaze promised her endless pleasure…only if she said the words.

She choked out, “Faster.”

And before she could say anything else, he was already doing it, his hips pumping up and down, his thrusts rapid enough to have her head swim.

“What else?” he asked.

“D-deeper. H-harder—-aaah!”

It was like his dick was pummeling her pussy now, but oh God, it felt so good, this rough, hard kind of fucking. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she leaned into him as she bounced up and down his cock, riding him like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Cup your breasts, Seri,” he commanded, and when she did, she was shocked to have his mouth latch onto her breast, sucking her nipple even as his dick continued to plunge in and out of her. She clutched his head to her breast as she rocked her body against his, unable to believe that sex with Vassi could give her this much pleasure.

He thought it was just sexual infatuation, but it wasn’t.

She felt this good only because she loved him.

Her lips parted as the urge to spill her feelings out became impossible to repress, but before she could speak a word, Vassi had chosen the same moment to pinch her clit with his two fingers.

“Aaaaaaaah!” It was too much, and she found herself coming again, shuddering in his arms. A moment later, she felt him stiffening, and then his cum was shooting into her pussy, Vassi filling her with the heat of his seed.

She swayed on her feet when it was all over, causing him to chuckle before he swept her up in his arms and carried her to bed.

She thought it was all over by then, but it still wasn’t.

“Vassi?” she asked weakly as she felt him flipping her to her stomach and then pulling her up so she could get on her fours, with her butt in the air.

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