And so Layla had used the passing years wisely, acquiring information whenever, wherever, and however she could. She befriended those who knew him, slept with the guys close to him if she had to – she had done everything required to know every little thing about the man she was destined to marry.

Vassi Grachyov.

Her fingers tapped rhythmically on the armrest. Her nails were painted the shade of powder blue, because a friend of Vassi once told her the Russian celebrity found the color relaxing.

The television suddenly clicked open, programmed to start recording new episodes of My Crazy Ex.

Swinging her seat around to face the television, Layla made herself comfortable as she leaned back and pulled her legs up, tucking her knees under her chin.

She laughed and shook her head as the story unfolded and the shenanigans of this episode’s crazy exes were revealed.

Stupid fools, Layla thought disdainfully. The reason why they were constantly being dumped – or caught red-handed – was that most of them didn’t believe they were obsessed.

That was their downfall, but it wouldn’t be hers.

She knew she was obsessed.

She knew it was wrong.

And that was why she was going to learn from other people’s mistakes and make sure no one would ever see her coming—-

Her phone rang, and when Layla answered it, none of her obsession – none of her insanity – showed at all in her voice. “Thanks for letting me know. I’ll be there in half an hour.”


Himura Headquarters

Everyone at the lobby silently sighed and swooned at the same time when a young man came through the revolving doors. Some of them knew the seventeen-year-old was their CEO’s only son. Others were unaware. Either way, it didn’t matter. He was simply the kind of man people would always stare at.

Taller and much more muscular than one would expect of his age, the newcomer possessed the looks of a god, with jet-black hair and baby blue eyes. It was not, however, the only reason he drew attention wherever he went. There was also the way he moved, his grace reminiscent of a samurai. And it wasn’t a far-fetched comparison, really, considering Yuki Himura’s rare but exquisite combination of Russian and Japanese genes.

Upon reaching the penthouse, the executives and their secretaries present immediately bowed at the sight of him, and Yuki bowed back. After, he glanced at Marika, the assistant assigned to him, and asked with a polite smile, “Has everyone arrived?”

“Yes, Himura-san.” A pause. “However, Ms. Chariot has opted to wait for you in your office. Shall I ask her to—-”

Yuki cut her off with a shake of his head. “It’s okay, Marika. I’ll fetch her. Please let the others know we will be with them shortly.”

“Yes, Himura-san.”

Nodding his thanks, Yuki proceeded straight to his office, where he caught sight of a green-eyed redhead seated with a straight back on the couch – and clearly hyperventilating.

Most guys would probably have panicked at seeing their girlfriend looking so anxious, Yuki mused. Unfortunately for Katerina Chariot, her boyfriend was not like most guys.

Clearing his throat, he said softly, “Good afternoon, senpai.”

She jumped at the sound of his voice and turned to him clumsily. “You startled me,” she gasped.

“I apologize,” he said right away. Lowering himself on the armchair in front of her, Yuki clasped his hands and, leaning forward, he asked in concern, “Are you worried about the project?” At her nod, he continued, “I understand why you’re feeling that way. After all, millions of dollars are at stake—-”

KC gulped audibly.

“And as this will be your work’s debut on the silver screen as well, it does have the power to make or break your career.” As he spoke, he noticed KC beginning to look a little pale, and Yuki’s lips pressed together in an effort to suppress his smile.

“After all, the board members and financial advisers we consulted told us we were taking too much of a risk with our casting decision—-”

KC said in a small voice, “But—-”

“But,” he echoed, and at her look of acute misery, Yuki smiled dazzlingly at her. The misery disappeared, replaced with a look of dazed fascination.

Ah, how he loved his beautiful and easily confused senpai.

Wanting to tease her just a bit more, he said solemnly, “But because you’re my girlfriend, you were able to overrule them. In fact, those were your very words, weren’t they, senpai?”


“You told them in an oh-so-sweet voice, I’m Yuki’s girlfriend—-”

“Yuki!” KC looked like she was torn between killing him to shut Yuki up – and killing herself to stop remembering.

He shook his head with a grin. “I never knew you could be so manipulative.” He paused. “On the other hand, I also didn’t like the way they talked to you, which is why I fired all of them—-”

KC paled. “W-what?”

He crossed his arms over his chest. “No one will oppose you now, senpai.”

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