He began fucking her, hard and fast, and she cried and cried against his skin, her teeth digging into the muscles of his shoulder.

The sounds of their slapping bodies should have sickened her, knowing that it was just sex between them and not lovemaking.

But it didn’t.

Because she still loved him, and for as long as he was in her heart, even something like this felt good.

His hips began to pump faster against her, stirring her body, and she dug her nails deep into the tight panes of his back, knowing that she was near.

The way Seri’s inner muscles clenched tightly around his dick made Vassi shudder, and feeling the pleasure start to climb, he reached between their bodies to make sure that they would reach the peak together.

He found her clitoris and pinched it.

“V-Vassi!” Her body pushed hard against his as she came with a soft, keening cry, and the movement triggered his own release, causing Vassi to clutch the soft round cheeks of her bottom as he began shooting his cum into her.

On and on it went, almost like there was no end, and all they could do was hold on to each other as their orgasm swept them away.

When it was over, Vassi wordlessly pulled away, and this time she couldn’t help blanching at the sound of his cock slipping out of her.

Oh God.

What had she done?

As soon as she was settled on her feet, Seri scrambled to pick the torn scraps of her panties from the floor and shoved it inside her bag.

Behind her, she heard Vassi zip himself.

Now was the time to talk – but what was there to say?

Vassi watched Seri, who was visibly trembling, stumble towards the door.

He knew he could stop her if he wanted to.

But he didn’t…because nothing had changed

The door closed behind her, but not before he heard the faintest sound of her sob.

His fists clenched.

Damn you, Seri.

The sound tore at him, and God, how he wanted to go to her and tell her everything could go back the way it was.

But he couldn’t.

She had ruined both their lives, and even so, he could forgive her for that.

But she had also ruined his father’s—-

And that…

That would always be between them.

Chapter Four

It was almost eleven in the evening when Davey arrived at the hotel bar, and he came rushing to Seri’s table, saying, “I’m terribly sorry for making you wait so long—-whoa.” Seri’s friend made a double take the moment he saw her face up close.

She said shakily, “Great news. I can finally cry again,” and promptly choked back a sob.

Davey answered in a pained voice, “I can see that for myself.” Throwing his bag on one of the vacant chairs, he took a seat next to his friend on the couch with a shake of his head. “Seri, Seri, Seri.” Snatching a piece of tissue from the dispenser, he started wiping her face—-

“Is it that bad?”

“Your mascara’s running,” he sighed. “It’s made your face look like prison bars’ been planted on it.”

“Oh.” But her tone was uninterested. “So that’s why people keep looking at me.”

His gaze narrowed as he noticed Seri’s slightly jittery movements as she reached for her coffee. “You’re shaking.”

She managed a smile. “Probably because this is my seventh cup—-hey!” Her smile turned into a scowl as Davey took her coffee away.

“Are you crazy?” he hissed. “You’re making yourself drunk on caffeine?”

“Technically that’s not possible.” Seri paused. Was it her imagination, or did she sound a little breathless there? She touched her heart, which seemed to be beating too fast. She mentally shook her head. What was it about today that she seemed to be imagining so many—-

“Seri.” Davey’s snapping fingers got her to look at her friend. “Drink this.” An uncapped bottle of cold water was shoved in her face, and she automatically took a sip.

“Drink it all.”

Too tired to argue, she did as Davey asked. When she put the empty bottle down, she saw Davey staring at her with worry and concern.

“Are you feeling saner now?”

She said honestly, “Not really.” She touched her heart, which seemed to be beating less erratically. “But I think I’m okay.”

“Are you? Really?”

An empty smile touched her lips at the question.

How to answer that, really?

Seri stared unseeingly at the late night crowd around them, which mostly consisted of dating couples and foreign-looking businessmen. All of them were minding their own business, had done so from the start, and it was the main reason why she had chosen to meet Davey here.

“I didn’t know you could get drunk on pain, Davey,” she whispered unevenly. “But I think that’s exactly how I’m feeling now.”

Davey watched Seri close her eyes as if she wanted to sleep forever. “I’m sorry, Ser.” He wished he could think of something else to say, but he knew there really weren’t any words to take her pain away.

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