But when he saw her shoulders start to shake—-

When he heard her desperately swallow her sobs back—-

Reason no longer mattered.

Seri needed him, and he would not – he just could not – turn his back on her again.

“Seri.” Her name on his lips, the sound raw and hoarse, made her head jerk up, just in time for her to see Vassi about to reach her.

“No—-” She tried to move away, but it was too late and his arms closed around hers.

Oh God.

And then she was crying, unable to help it.


He started kissing her, and she couldn’t help herself. Wounding her arms around his neck, she kissed him back feverishly, feeling like she was in a dream that she could wake up from any moment.

Even as he lowered her to bed, she was frantically trying her best to get rid of his clothes, unbuttoning his shirt and unzipping his jeans. As she pushed his shirt down his arms, she felt Vassi grasp the neckline of her dress before tearing it away with one quick hard rip.

Her bra went off next, followed by her panties, and then he was helping her get rid of his jeans and briefs.

Their bodies pressed against each other once more, and she gasped against his mouth at the feel of his hot, naked skin touching hers.

Tears burned her eyes.

Even though something had already happened between them yesterday—-

It had still felt like forever since the last time.

And it still didn’t feel enough.

His mouth started moving down, and she arched her neck, giving him all the access he wanted. He began to suck on the tender skin, and when once she would have desperately tried to stop him, this time she welcomed it. This time, she needed it. And the moment he lifted his mouth, she pushed against him, forcing him to roll to his back so she could straddle him.

Bending down, she did the same to him, sucking hard on his neck, claiming him, marking him, knowing that for as long as this burning kiss was on his body, no sane girl would be able to bear making love to a man who was marked by another woman.

He suddenly fisted her hair, pulling her back. “Enough.”

“No!” He didn’t understand. She had to mark him hard, had to find a way to mark him forever—-

But as she started to protest, the rest of her words disappeared in his mouth as Vassi kissed her hard. He began kneading her breasts, and she moaned against his lips even as she pushed herself closer towards him.

So long. It had been so long. And oh God, how she loved this. How she loved him.

Releasing her mouth, he began sucking on her nipple, and she moaned, the sound swirling and rebounding against the walls of the bedroom. She clutched his hair as he moved to her other nipple, and she began rubbing herself against him.

His hands moved to her hips, and taking it as her cue, she lifted her hips and posed herself above his cock.

His grip tightening, Vassi slowly impaled her.

She whimpered. “Vassi.”

He answered her plea by pulling her down, inch by inch, until his entire length had disappeared into her warmth.

She threw her head back with a gasp, heat washing over her at the way he filled her so completely.

“Ride me,” he said hoarsely.

It was a command she was eager to fulfill.

Clutching his shoulders, she began to ride him, slowly and steadily at first and then faster and harder until she was bouncing over him, her knees driving hard into the bed with every instance she pushed herself down on his cock. Vassi began to move as well, his hips pumping up to meet her every thrust.

When he reached up to squeeze her breasts, she gasped, and when he began to pinch her nipples even while thrusting in and out of her, Seri’s eyes began to roll back.

“I’m c-coming.”

“Then come,” he grated out, pinching her nipples even harder.

The beautiful agony sharpened into its peak, and she came with a scream, her hips moving wildly over his. A moment later, and he was groaning as well, shooting his cum into her even as he shoved his dick into her harder and harder while holding on to her breasts.

She collapsed against him in the aftermath of their joined release, her eyes closing as a drugging sense of exhaustion wafted through her.

Her eyelids closed.

Her breathing evened.

“Vassi.” It was her last word before she slept.

Under her, Vassi remained quiet and awake.

His mind told him one thing, his heart told him another.

His hand trembling, he slowly stroked her hair.


Tomorrow, he would ask her one last time.

Chapter Seven

His eyelashes were so long.

Seri knew it was such a clichéd thought to have, and she had read and seen the exact same scene playing out in many of the shoujo manga and anime she had read and watched because of her work.

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