Need for him.

His ears picked up her heartbeat, and its pace told him she was so near—-

He slid a third finger inside of her, wanting to stretch her to near fullness.

Her eyes began to dilate.

Look down, he hissed.

Realizing why, she quickly bowed her head again. She tried to keep still as his fingers went in and out – fucking her, he was fucking her with his fingers-—

Oh God, she could feel her eyes rolling back as her body tightened in anticipation.

The marquis ground his fingers deep into her, his thumb pressing down hard on her clit.

Ilie. She screamed his name as she came, and the moment his name slipped past her lips, it was almost like she was already halfway to becoming his.

THE MARQUIS STEPPED out of the carriage to help her out personally, his grip on her hand gentle but possessive. When she was on her feet, he caressed her cheek, murmuring, “Do not forget your promise.”

She nodded.

He bent his head and she held her breath, wondering if he was actually going to kiss her here, in the streets, outside her very home.

His lips paused a hair’s breadth away from hers.

“I hear your curtains twitching, milady.”


Her head snapped towards the house, and sure enough, she saw three pairs of eyes just before her family quickly shut the curtains and retreated from view.

When she looked back at the marquis, he had stepped away, a wry look in his eyes. “I must restrain myself.” He paused then said under his breath, “Help me here, ma lisse. Do not look at me so.” And almost as if he didn’t trust himself while she was within reach, he took another step back.

“I want to kiss you badly,” he said fiercely. “You don’t know how bad, milady, but I have a feeling if I do, you’ll hold me accountable once your head’s cleared properly.”

But her head was clear, she wanted to protest, and it was clearly telling her she wanted that kiss.

The marquis had a pained look on his face. “Five minutes from now, milady, you will thank me.” His voice became grim. “And you will owe me for this.” He bowed. “Until tomorrow, milady.”

She watched him go, the pieces of her heart all jumbled up at the sight of him leaving. When his carriage was completely gone from view, she turned around and opened the door. The euphoria started to fade as she stepped inside her home.

She began walking towards the drawing room, and five minutes later, she realized the marquis was indeed right.

Oh my God, what a harlot she had turned into, wanting him to kiss her so publicly!

Entering the parlor, she found her sisters and Charles waiting for her with expectant looks on their faces.

She said flatly, “No, I’m not officially his heartkeeper yet.”

Everyone burst into protest.

She raised her hand. “And I’m not going to be.”

“But why?” Aurora burst out. “He wants you, Soleil. He wouldn’t have gone around town chasing after you if he didn’t!”

“Is he a bad kisser?” Fleur blurted out. “Too…I don’t know…demonic?”

Everyone turned to look at her.

Fleur made a face. “Okay, okay, bad idea, my humblest apologies.”

Charles began, “But he’s a good fit—-”

“Not you too, Papa,” Soleil cut him off with a shake of her head. “I’m not going to be his heartkeeper, end of story. Okay?”

“Okay.” Fleur answered for the rest of the family.

Soleil’s gaze narrowed. “Okay, but? There’s a but, isn’t there?”

“But,” Fleur echoed obediently, “—-have you forgotten something?” She bit her lip. “Ilie Marcovici is the Marquis di Lunare. I don’t think he’s the type to take no for an answer if he really wants you to be his heartkeeper.”

Chapter Five

Soleil had just come down to enjoy breakfast the next day, and the first thing she saw was Ilie Marcovici seated on her father’s right. Her sisters were also there, seated opposite him, and the four of them were laughing and chatting like a happy family.

As if they didn’t know Ilie Marcovici was not human, she thought ungraciously.

Ilie was the first one to notice her, and he stood up immediately. “Good morning, milady,” he said with a bow. “I came only to call, but your father has insisted I join your family for breakfast. I hope you don’t mind?”

Hovering by the doorway, Soleil debated between forgetting her manners and pleading a sudden migraine.

But the choice was out of her hands when Charles called out, “What are you standing there for, my dear?” His pleasant voice had a note of warning in it, reminding Soleil his absolute dislike of any display of ill manners in his household.

Soleil had a rebellious urge to stomp her feet—-

About to throw a tantrum, milady? the marquis teased in her mind. This I have to see.

But instead she made her way to her father, practically gliding on her satin slippers in her effort to move with grace. Aurora and Fleur were gaping at her, as if asking Soleil if she had lost her mind and that was the reason she seemed to be dancing towards them.

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