“Only because I love to see the blush stealing your cheeks,” he answered right away. “It makes me think of a rose that only unfurls its petals in greeting in my presence.”

The redness in her cheeks deepened. “You and your words,” Soleil muttered. “You say that to every lady you seduce, don’t you?”

“Actually, no.” Ilie was being honest. “I cannot recall having to woo any woman. They always want to be fucked.”


“Fear not, milady,” he teased. “You are special—-”

“Only because I’m your heartkeeper,” she said crossly. She tried covering her breasts, thinking it was ridiculous to argue with a half-demon, half-wolf marquis while she stood half-naked in front of him like some sacrificial virgin.

But the marquis wouldn’t let her. Drawing her arms back to her side, he murmured in feigned puzzlement, “You want my cock in your mouth and yet you cannot even stand for me to stare at your breasts—-”

“Curse you!”

His laughter was rich and sensual, but his touch was gentle as he traced her lips. “You are certain about this?”

“Stop asking me,” she mumbled. “You’re just making me more nervous.”

“On your knees then, ma lisse.”


The command alone was more than enough for her entire body to tremble in sensual excitement, more so when the wind around them seemed to keep her nipples in a perpetual state of arousal.

Sinking to her knees, she watched the marquis unzip his breeches and release his cock. It was already fully erect, and she was momentarily daunted. Logically speaking, she knew it would fit her mouth, but – how long would she be able to…before…choking?

“Normally, one has to coax a cock into arousal but as you can see…” The marquis’ tone above her turned dry. “There is no need as my manhood is always at full attention in your presence.”

His hand rested on the top of her head, and she gulped nervously.

“Reach for my cock, ma lisse, and slowly draw it inside your mouth while…yes,” Ilie hissed as his heartkeeper did exactly what he asked. It was pure bliss, heaven on earth, the most fucking beautiful moment in his life to have his cock in Soleil’s mouth.

“Suck slowly then try to get a few more inches in…”

His body stiffened as she did everything right. Inch after inch, his cock eventually disappeared into her mouth, and he bit back a groan as she continued to suck him.

A natural born expert, he thought vaguely. What the hell had he done in his misbegotten life that he deserved a woman like Soleil?

When the pleasure became too much, he said tightly, “Faster.” As her mouth bobbed up and down more quickly, he said, “Stroke my balls…ah.” His body jerked, but her lips only tightened around his cock.

Soleil fell back on the floor when the marquis suddenly pulled his cock out of her mouth and she couldn’t stop staring, fascinated, when he finished the job, jerking himself off and then coming in a hanky that appeared from nowhere.

When it was done, he cleaned himself up and helped her right her dress. She turned towards him, and he surprised her with the sweetest of kisses, his lips landing in the corner of her mouth.

“Thank you, ma lisse.”

His voice was beautifully rough, and her toes curled at the sound.

She almost, almost started to think that she might just be okay with falling for him—-

All of a sudden, Soleil remembered the soul seer’s warning.

Don’t fall.

Don’t fall.

Don’t fall.

She frowned. No. It was impossible that this could be what the girl was talking about.

Her phone buzzed against her leg, interrupting her thoughts, and she mumbled, “E-excuse me.”

Ilie raised a brow when his heartkeeper turned around and started lifting her skirt.

Up, up, up—-


His lips twitched when he realized where she had her mobile phone hidden. He watched her read her message. “Work?” he asked when she returned her phone to its hiding place.

She nodded. “But nothing that would keep me from bed.” She yawned right after.

Ilie frowned. “You’re still tired from last night, aren’t you?” He picked her up in his arms.

The next thing she knew, they were standing in front of his carriage and he was already placing her on the seat.

“Ilie!” Didn’t he know how dangerous it was to risk having anyone see that he was so much faster than ordinary humans?

“Relax, milady. We are in Lunare, and humans permitted here are those who already know what we are.”

The carriage door closed, and as it sped off down the road, he placed her on his lap and pushed her head towards his chest. “Sleep.”

“I’m not sleepy.” But she closed her eyes anyway because it was easier to pretend in the dark.

The words making up Crystal’s text message spelled itself out in her mind.

There is no time to waste. Your curse will strike tomorrow midnight. You must allow for the heartkeeping to take place or you won’t have any heart to keep even for yourself.

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