Even so—-

When the marquis reached her, she told him dryly, “Grand entrance, fashionably late…how terribly vain of you.”

Shaking his head, he said with mock hurt, “You always accuse me of things I am innocent of.” He took her hand and lifted it to his lips. “You look utterly ravishing, ma lisse.” His gaze dropped to her cleavage.

She blushed. “Ilie!”

He laughed. “May I have this dance, milady?”

She rolled her eyes, saying, “Like I could give it to anyone else, since you made sure everyone hear you threaten to slash the throat of any gentleman who would dare ask me to a dance—-”

As he spun her into the dance floor, she let out a little sigh. “Oh, what shall I do now? My reputation as an Incomparable is no more?”

He drew her close, murmuring, “I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” His eyes gleamed wickedly.

Oh no, she knew that look—-

And then he was dipping her low—

Ilie, she said warningly.

He placed a kiss just right above her neckline.

Her entire body turned red.

Curse you, Ilie!

She could feel everyone staring at them as he pulled her up.

“What did I do?”

But before she could answer, the marquis was already swiftly leading her to the powder room.

Seriously, Ilie—-

I only want to please you. He pushed her inside the powder room, locked the door, and then he turned to his wife.

Lift your skirts up, he ordered her.

Curse you. But she was already lifting her skirts up, and already she could feel herself getting wetter as she heard him unzip his breeches. He turned her around, pushing her towards the wall. Her breasts flattened against the cold surface.

I love you, ma lisse. And then he plunged his throbbing cock into her pussy.

She swallowed back a scream.

The marquis thrust in and out of her, every stroke deep and hard—-

Someone knocked on the door. “Excuse me? Is anyone inside?”

Her eyes widened. Ilie!

The marquis chuckled in her ear. Answer her, tell her you will open the door in a minute.

“I am sorry, milady, I will be able to open—-”

Her husband reached around her body for her clit.

She choked.

“Is that you, Lady Soleil? Are you alright?”

The marquis began strumming her clit like it was an instrument to play.

She closed her eyes. Curse you, Ilie. Out loud, she croaked out, “Yes. I have just the most p-pressing headache—-”

Oh God, Ilie was moving so much faster now, and what he was doing with her clit—-

“Just give me a moment,” she panted. “P-please?”

“Of course, milady.”

The marquis cupped her chin to turn her head around so he could capture her mouth with a kiss. I love you.

I love you but I also hate you—-aaaah!

The marquis had pinched her clit, and before she knew it she was already coming—-


She cried out into his kiss as her body shuddered against his. A moment later, she felt the marquis give the same telltale shudder, and then his powerful hips were pumping even more furiously against her, his cock shooting out load after load of his cum.

Exactly one minute later, and Soleil stepped out of the powder room, her hair undone, and her gown more than a bit rumpled. Behind her, wind whipped inside of the room from a half-open window.

Lady Mitchell stared at her in dismay. “Oh, my dear marchioness. Was it that bad?”

Inside her mind, her husband said with a smirk, Very, very bad, do you not think?

Shut up. She summoned a smile. “It was, but I am feeling much better now, milady. Thank you for the concern.”

Ilie and his marchioness met halfway in the ballroom. “Another dance?” But he was already spinning her into the dance floor.

She smiled up at him. “Sometimes, you are so very—-” Before she could finish, she felt her phone vibrate against her thigh.

At the same time, the permanent wound over his heart blazed into life, the demon duke calling out to his Galere.

You must come at once, Silviu commanded without preamble. A situation has arisen.

How bad is it? Curving an arm around Soleil’s waist, he walked her to the balcony so she could read her message without being seen.

It turns out that you’re not the only one with two heartkeepers.

The connection closed.

When he looked at his wife, he saw that she had already heard of the same issue.

“It seems some humans are involved, and that’s why they have a need of us,” she told him worriedly.

He pressed a kiss on her forehead. “Promise to take care of yourself for me?”

“If you promise me the same thing.”

“You have my word.”

They returned to the ball, and the two other Orpheline sisters joined them.

“Do not risk your necks needlessly,” he warned them.

Fleur rolled her eyes. “Why did I even think that you would be a cool, easygoing older brother?”

“I told you he wouldn’t be,” Aurora reminded her baby sister. “However, he does offer the nicest bribes.”

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