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Christian’s handsome face became stoic.

Don’t look smug, Jane told herself. Don’t look smug.

But then she heard Christian mutter under his breath, “Bloody hell.”

She couldn’t keep it in any longer.

Jane didn’t just laugh. She practically doubled over, gasping and clutching her stomach, laughing until there were tears in her eyes. Straightening, she told herself to take the upper road, but then she saw his jaw clenching, and Jane couldn’t help crowing, “Hashtag Am I Right!”

And that set her off again.

After a few moments, she heard him say, “Alright, that’s enough.” His voice was serious but gentle. “Time for serious talk, pet.” His hands clasped her waist—-

Jane gasped when she suddenly found herself lifted off her seat.

He deposited her on the island, right between his arms, her legs dangling off the edge.

“I’m serious, Jane. I want to marry you.”

She bit her lip. “I just think marriage seems excessive—-”

He shook his head. “There’s something you must understand. My life is my work. My passion. It’s the invisible third party in all my previous relationships—-” He stopped. “You seem surprised. Did you think I haven’t had any ex-girlfriends?”


He raised a brow. “You never thought about me in the past two weeks?”

“I did.” Jane couldn’t quite meet his eyes this time. “But only…in…a…”

Be yourself.

She heard herself say, “Sex-doll-sort-of-way?”


Shit. Should she have pretended just a bit about that maybe? Unable to handle his silence, she slowly turned towards his direction, peeking at his face—-

“I am wounded,” he said gravely.

Oh thank God, he hadn’t been turned off!

“D-don’t be.” Her voice wobbled a little, the way her feelings seesawed from fear to relief making Jane feel a little dizzy. “You were like Don Juan de Marco in my dreams. Like, the best.” But she ended on a strained note, with all their talk about sex making her remember things she didn’t and shouldn’t remember—-

The feel of his mouth on hers, his tongue penetrating her—-

The feel of his breath against her skin——

The feel of his finger shoving inside her pussy—-

A whimper tried to crawl out of her throat, but Jane managed to keep it down.


Oh God.

That crisp, sexy purr.

It was like having her own James Bond—-

He suddenly stood up, and this time she did whimper, and when he leaned forward, she couldn’t help leaning back, balancing herself as her palms landed against the tabletop.

“What can I do to convince you?” Christian asked. “What do you want?”

“I d-don’t know—-”

His head started to move towards her.

“I c-can’t think—-”

Jane tried to lean back as far as she could—-

She fell on her elbows, and she gasped when she realized she was practically laid out on the island like she was attempting to turn her body into his feast—-

And then she caught the look in his eyes, one that told her he was thinking the exact same thing.

A tiny moan escaped her, and Jane felt his hands curve around her calves.

One firm yank, and she slid back down, more of her legs dangling while her pussy stopped right at the edge of the counter. His hands slowly moved up on her legs, parting her thighs, and oh God—-

Oh God.

She could feel his breath against the sensitive skin of her inner thighs, and her entire body trembled. His fingers skimmed the edges of her underwear, and she could feel her brain cells dying one by one—-

Christian was tugging her panties down.

—-until only her ability to feel was functioning.

The panties went down one foot, falling to God knew where, and then she felt it—-

His tongue licking her folds, already moist with her cream, a lazy, thorough stroke that made sure every millimeter from top to bottom bore his mark.

She screamed.

His fingers moved towards her folds, parting them, wider and wider until all of her core was beautifully exposed.

His tongue thrust in, and she screamed again.

A rhythm was set, his tongue pushing in and out, and she could no longer stop screaming. Somewhere along the way, her legs locked over his shoulders, her fingers drove through his silver blond hair with a tight grip—-

Christian’s tongue moved even faster, and her eyes rolled back, the last of her inhibitions falling away. She found herself clutching his head hard, thrusting her hips helplessly against his mouth.


His mouth moved up, capturing her swollen clit between his teeth just as two fingers thrust inside her.

It was too much, and she came, moaning his name over and over.

When Jane hazily resurfaced, she was in his arms, and Christian was walking out of the kitchen. Forcing herself to raise her head, she mumbled, “Where are you taking me?”

“My bedroom,” Christian murmured, “so I can coerce you into marrying me.”

Her fist weakly pounded against his shoulder. “Not funny.”

“Then may I coerce you tomorrow?”

Jane’s teeth sank into one rock-hard shoulder in sleepy chastisement.

“One week.” Christian’s tone was even.

“Oh, Christian.” She didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or just let him sweep her away like a storm, the way he was basically promising to. “Marriage is a serious undertaking,” she whispered. “It’s not something you just enter into—-”

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