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When he spoke like this, she thought vaguely, he sounded a lot like Jared Westland. But the difference between the two was that while she followed the CEO’s orders because she needed to—-

She followed Christian Ravenhearst’s commands because she wanted to.

“Jane?” Christian tipped her chin up.

“I just…I just realized what I wanted from our marriage.” Or rather…Jared had helped her realize it, but she didn’t think Christian would welcome the knowledge.

“If it’s mine to give, it’s yours—-”

“It is.”

And that’s what scares me, Jane thought as she fought for composure.

Azure eyes narrowed.

“I want you to promise,” Jane whispered unsteadily, “to always let me be myself.”

Christian didn’t answer right away, and she held her breath, her heart hammering painfully against her chest. Oh no. Had she asked a really wrong question this time? Had she asked for too much? Or was Christian not the man she thought he was? Had she made a mist—-

Christian cupped her face, and she blurted out, “Well?”

His beautiful lips slowly curved…into a smirk.

“You never had to ask,” Christian said simply. “Nothing gives me greater pleasure than knowing you’re being yourself with me.”

Her eyes started to prick. “And you really mean that,” she asked shakily, “don’t you?”

“It’s why you felt right. Because I’m also myself when I’m with you.”

“Oh.” The words were completely unexpected and downright sweet, and she said again, “Oh.”

“Are you lost for words?” Christian teased huskily.

Instead of answering, she just twined her fingers with his, saying, “Let’s go.”

Christian blinked. “Go where?”

“Wherever it is you can fuck me?”

There was one second of silence.


And then Christian suddenly swept her up his arms. As he started walking, she told him warningly, “If you find me heavy, don’t tell me or I’ll lose the courage to get naked in front of you.”

Christian’s shoulders rocked with laughter. “You are heavy.”

Her gasp echoed inside his living room, and then she gasped again when he tossed her up in the air.

She fell back in his arms, shrieking, “Christian!” Oh my God, that had to be the most frightening moment of her life.

“Just to demonstrate how heavy you are,” he explained innocently.

And then he tossed her again.

She fell back in his arms, laughing this time. “Oh God, you’re crazy.” Jane’s eyes sparkled. “Do it again—-aah!”

Christian had tossed her with greater force this time, causing her to go up a lot higher.

When she fell back down, she quickly held on to him. “Don’t do it again!” Her arms tightened around his neck. “And thank God you’ve got high ceilings.”

She laid her head on his chest as he went up the stairs, and Christian chuckled, asking knowingly, “Are you actually checking if I’m about to run out of breath?”

Jane only grinned and burrowed her head closer. He was right, and he was not. It was sexy as hell.

When they made it to his bedroom, Jane started in his arms, gasping, “You had it renovated.”

Christian muttered something under his breath as he lowered her to the floor. It sounded distinctly like ‘fuck,’ but she was probably wrong.

She looked around her, the bedroom’s new design as enthralling as its owner. The walls were a glossy shade of white, the windows shuttered with metallic blinds, and the bed frame and all other pieces of furniture made of glass. The sleek entertainment system was outlined in glowing neon shades of red and blue, and—-

There wasn’t a single switch visible, Jane realized. Did that mean everything was voice or motion activated?

Overall, Christian’s bedroom was a galactic showcase – something like Town & Country meets Discovery Science – and she shook her head, beyond fascinated at what he had accomplished in a matter of days.

“Are you mad?” Christian asked guardedly when she turned to look at him.

Jane was puzzled. “Why would I be?”

“Because…if we marry—-”

Understanding dawned, and she finished cheekily, “I’ll have a say on how your bedroom looks like as mistress of the household?”

Christian only looked at her. “Are you mad?”

“And if I were?” she couldn’t help testing.

“I’ll have it redone,” Christian answered without hesitation. “Something like this isn’t worth any argument.”

Oh. It wasn’t at all what she expected him to say, and she doubted most men would have said the same thing. Or if they did, they wouldn’t be honest.

“I really don’t care what you do with your bedroom,” Jane began.

“Our bedroom,” Christian corrected flatly.

The words somehow made her blush, and she cleared her throat. “Anyway, it’s cool with me, however this place looks. But – and I’m asking this purely out of curiosity – why did you have your bedroom renovated?”

“Inspiration,” Christian answered, and again there was a guarded note in his voice.

“Inspiration?” she echoed blankly.

“For the next level in H.”

His tone was still guarded, and the distance between their bodies remained. Looking at him, she realized that this was probably something he had problems about with his ex-girlfriends.

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