His finger started going a little deeper, a little faster and harder—-

She began to pant.

And then there was no more gentle pushing, his finger now fucking her with the most exquisite force—-

Her lips parted. “Baby.”

“Yes,” Jane’s British stranger growled, and his mouth captured hers anew just as he shoved his finger into her, rapidly—-

Oh God.

If she had to imagine how the most wonderful vibrator would feel like—-

This would be it.

“Oh God.”

Her body was tightening, and even though she had never experienced anything like it before, Jane knew what it was.

And oh God, she couldn’t wait.

He sucked hard on her tongue, and it was just the push she needed, Jane crying out against his mouth as she came.

Oh, how she came-—

Her eyes rolling back, her body stiffening like it had been electrocuted.

A moment later, the alarm she had set on her watch went off.

Jane’s eyes flew open, and she wrenched her mouth away from the stranger. “M-my——”

“Ssh.” He brushed his lips against hers. “Just a few moments more won’t hurt.” His finger was still inside of her, and he withdrew it almost all the way out before pushing it back in, causing Jane to gasp.

“Savor it, pet.” The words made up the most seductive command, its power cemented with the touch of his mouth against the side of her neck.

He started to suck, and Jane was lost.

After, the stranger silently helped Jane smooth the skirt of her dress down, even tucking loose strands behind her ears.

Stepping back, she suddenly found herself thinking—-

I can’t believe I did that.

And Jane could no longer meet the stranger’s gaze as she mumbled, “Thank you…sir…baby.”

Her face went up in flames.

She was making such a cake of herself!

“Happy to help, pet.”

She mumbled, the words incoherent even to her ears, and she turned and hurried away without looking back.

When she made it back to the ballroom, the lush, throbbing haze embracing her senses still hadn’t left Jane, and she practically floated to the stage, unaware of the sexual aura she was emitting.

She took her place behind Vince as her boss, who had been assigned as tonight’s host, thanked everyone for coming. When he finished his speech, everyone applauded even though most of their gazes – both men and women’s – were drawn to Jane.

Her clouded expression could only mean one thing, but…this was Jane Cooper.

Jane Cooper was the most responsible, practical goody-two-shoes in the company.

Surely it couldn’t be that?

When the party came to an end, Jane dutifully stationed herself at the north exit while her boss went to the south exit, both of them tasked to say goodbye and wish everyone a happy Labor Day weekend.

“Oh, Jane. I almost didn’t see you.”

The familiar voice caused a shiver of uneasy awareness to run down Jane’s spine, and the sound caused her to crash back to reality.


The beautiful news anchor stood in front of Jane, her already-tall frame made even more statuesque by her four-inch heels, the glorious slit of her gown making Merry’s legs look endless.

“Happy Labor Day, darling.”

Merry had finished kissing the air around her cheeks before Jane realized what was happening.

“Any plans for the weekend?”

She tried to answer, but Merry cut her off.

“No, wait, the right question should be – are you going to be alone or not?” Merry’s laugh was playful, but the look in her green eyes was hard.

Jane started to answer, but Merry interrupted her again, saying with a sigh, “It’s been tiring, hasn’t it?”

By this time, Jane knew there was no point to even thinking she could get a word in edgewise. She simply waited for the other woman to speak again, and Merry didn’t prove her wrong.

“Why don’t we bury the hatchet between us?”

And what, Jane wondered even as she allowed herself a cautious nod. There had to be more. There always was with women like Merry.

“Great. Let’s make it official, too. How do you feel about swinging by my party?”

And what, Jane wondered again.

“I could maybe find you a nice guy?”

And there it was.

The look and sound of pity—-

Which even Jane knew was somewhat deserved because she was one of those rare pathetic breeds who, at her grand old age of twenty-seven, had yet to have a boyfriend, much less a lover.

That was the problem with Facebook, Jane thought. Everything about the past could no longer be hidden.

And that was when she had the craziest idea.

Facebook exposed the past, Jane thought almost feverishly, but the present could still be manipulated.

If she could find the guts to hit on a beautiful stranger and make out with him, then surely she could do this, too?

Be yourself. It was the whisper of the devils again, aka Jaike and her billionaire husband.

Jane met Merry’s gaze. “Thank you, but I have a date for the weekend.” And as she spoke, she casually gathered her hair to place it over one shoulder, revealing at the same time the huge-as-ass hickey that the British stranger had gifted her with.

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