Her eyes once again started to roll back.

“Oh God, Aurélien.”

The sound of her voice told the beast that she was near to climaxing, and when her inner muscles tightened around its cock, the beast groaned her name out loud as it felt its balls tighten.

His thrusts became wild and furious, and he was pumping into her relentlessly now, spurring both of their bodies to orgasm.

Arabella reached her peak first, her muscles contracting around the beast, and she screamed as she reached her orgasm.


The beast’s back arched at the sound of her gasp, and with one last plunge of its cock into her moist depths, it reached its own orgasm as well.

Hot sticky cum filled her, and her legs tightened instinctively around Aurélien as Arabella tried to keep every drop of his seed inside of her. The feeling of him cumming inside of her for the first time was indescribable, unforgettable, and it made her heart feel so close to bursting she just knew—-

She had to say it now.

Even if people thought she was being silly and foolish—-

Even if people thought she was no different from a hostage falling for a kidnapper—-

She didn’t give a damn.

She had to say them.

And so she did.

“Aurélien, I love you.” The words came out soft and tremulous, but they made endless tears roll down her cheeks. No words had been more liberating – or terrifying – but even so, she didn’t regret saying it. And so she said it again. “I l-love you. And I’m not saying it to force you to say it back, but only because—-”

“Hush.” And then he was crushing her against him, his lips brushing against her hair, and as she hid her face against his neck and inhaled his scent, she heard Aurélien whisper, “There is nothing to force. I loved you even before I saw you, and every goddamn day you give me a new reason to love you more.”

Glass Houses

Blissful was the only way to describe the next chapter in Arabella’s life, of which the nights had become her favorite part of the day. Arabella being Arabella, she tried hiding it from the staff, but all the smirks and knowing looks they sent her way told Arabella she was failing miserably in concealing her happiness. And to be perfectly honest, she wasn’t really that bothered. How could she when Aurélien was everything she could have ever asked for – and more?

As a lover, he was quite imaginative and wonderfully unpredictable, and by that she meant kinky as hell. One day, he would have a pole temporarily installed in her room, and somehow he’d be able to convince Arabella to dance for him. Another day he had her blindfolded and her wrists chained above her head, and he would take her from behind, not speaking a word until both of them were cumming. Sometimes, he would make her literally cry with the way he was taking his time fucking her. Other times, he would take her in the most deliciously rough way while talking oh-so-dirty in French. Or at least she thought it was dirty. French was such a pretty language it was hard to tell the difference between curses and compliments.

Whatever he did, Arabella enjoyed every minute of it – or at least she did until the jerk had deliberately let it slip that Mr. Temps was in charge of acquiring his little joys.

And then there was his stamina. Oh sweet heavens, the man could go for hours, it was unreal! She had thought that women passing out in sheer exhaustion from making love was a myth – until Aurélien had made her come three times in less than two hours. By the fourth time, she had literally fainted, and when she had woken up, the bastard had been so gorgeously cocky she was torn between slapping him and begging him to do it again.

All in all, his bedroom skills were certainly without par, but if one were to ask what she loved most about the French billionaire, Arabella would have to say it was his company. She genuinely enjoyed being him, and with the exception of Maurice, Arabella hadn’t found any other man who was as intellectually stimulating while at the same time willing to put up with her fiery ways. She loved the way Aurélien was willing to engage in debate with her on any given topic, loved how he was able to respect her opinion and argue at the same time.

In fact, the man seemed to know her so well that it was as if he knew her thoughts even before she could decipher them. On their first week as lovers, the billionaire had gifted her with a fully equipped art studio built next to the mansion’s garden. It was so she could continue improving her craft, Aurélien had said, and at the same time keep her busy during the day.

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