Her need for him became a wild, hungry urge that had her moving restlessly in his arms, and she found herself instinctively rubbing herself against him, moving up and down as she started to crave the throbbing pressure of his erection against the folds of her femininity.

Luca didn’t know how it happened, but somehow the seducer had become the seduced. The way Vivian rubbed herself against him was incredibly arousing, causing his usually iron control to slip and his arousal to rise unabated. He groaned at the way she was grinding herself over his erection, harder and harder, just the way he liked it, and every second that passed he was coming closer and closer to losing his grip on sanity.

She was all womanly power now, and even the way she kissed was of a natural-born temptress, her tongue moving coyly against his, and he found himself sucking hard on her lip and then her tongue.

She let out another whimper, and his control broke. Tearing his mouth from hers, he pushed her blouse up, pulled her bra down, and started sucking on her nipple.


His name on her lips was a choked whisper, unbelievably sexy, but he wanted more.

Lifting his head, he grated out, “I want to hear you scream, Vivi.”


He didn’t heed her protest, knowing that in the end she would do what he wanted – which he knew was what she wanted as well. She might just be too innocent to be aware of it yet.

He started sucking on her nipple again while fondling her other breast. When she started to buckle against his mouth, he sucked even harder, knowing that it would only be a few moments—-


And this time, she did scream his name, the same time she reached out to clutch his head by the hair and push her nipple deeper into his mouth.

“Luca, please. Please.” His name both became a plea and a chant, and it was the most arousing sound he had ever heard in his life. To reward her for giving him what he wanted, he slid his free hand behind the waistband of her loose uniform pants, and slowly he started to stroke her folds against the wet cotton.

She buckled once more, this time against his hand, and he started stroking her faster, wanting her to come.

“L-Luca…” The way she was trying to catch her breath told him she was near, and he moved his thumb up to press gently down on her small bud of pleasure. When Vivian arched her body with a gasp, he bit her nipple hard, and her grip on his hair tightened almost painfully.


Her body jerked and shuddered as she started to come, and he moved his fingers even more quickly to prolong her pleasure. When it was all over, she slumped against him, and he gently released her nipple from his mouth.

“Oh, Luca.” A faint, tired whimper as she curled against his chest, and his lips curved, thinking that his Vivi was very much like a kitten at that moment.

She jerked when he pulled his hand out of her pants, and when her gaze fluttered open, he held her eyes captive as he tasted the few drops of her cum by licking his fingers.

Vivian shuddered at the sight. It was almost too painfully erotic, if that made sense.

“I intend to do this to you every day—-”


“Probably more than once—-”


“Starting today,” he continued, “and the time or place won’t matter to me.”


“If I have need for you, like I do now—-” Almost on cue, she felt his erection twitch against her still-sensitive folds, and she bit back a moan at the reminder that he was still so large and hard under her.

“I will call for you, and you will come for me.” The words were spoken almost languidly, but in his gaze was a fierce gleam of possessiveness that Vivian somehow felt unable to deny.

She heard herself whisper, “Yes.”

Luca’s lips curved. “Good.” His tone turning silky, he murmured, “And so I shall leave it to you then. Knowing what I expect from you and what you may expect from me—-”

Vivian stiffened as his fingers grazed the side of her neck before slowly trailing downward, his touch becoming increasingly tantalizing as it moved over her swollen breasts. As his fingers encircled her nipples, he asked, “Are you certain you have any objections to the fact that I shall make an announcement today?”

“Umm…” She could barely understand a word he was saying, with the way he was now playing with her nipples, alternately pinching it between his fingers and soothing the pink tip with feather-soft strokes.

The movement stopped. “If I don’t make an announcement now, and they see you come and go from my office frequently, they might think you’re my—-”

Understanding dawned, and her cheeks heating, she said hastily, “Y-you can make the announcement.”

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