She remembered the last time they had talked and what she had asked.

Can you do me a favor? Can you please make yourself, I don’t know, a bit uglier?

When she gazed at Luca’s handsome face again, his somber expression had not changed, but the gleam in his eyes had her swallowing back a laugh. Oh, oh, dear, he had really done it. He was a far cry from ugly still, but he was also just a little bit less than perfect.

More than that, she knew he had done something so ridiculously silly – something utterly unusual for someone like him – for her.

Her fears were washed away, all her doubts and anxiety – they disappeared completely and Vivian took one step forward.

What she was doing might be crazy—-

She took another step forward.

But it also felt right.

Luca reached for her hand and drew Vivian close to him. He smiled down at her, and she smiled back dazedly.

His hand squeezed hers. “Ready?”

She squeezed his hand back. “Yes.”

The rest of the ceremony proceeded in a colorful, heart-thumping blur, and Vivian was privately thankful that Maggie was there to record everything on her phone. The only thing she could remember was the part they exchange ‘I dos’ and, of course, the kiss.

She had expected him to give her a conservative peck on the cheek, but instead he had cupped her face and given her an amazingly deep, scorching-hot kiss—-

With tongue!

The mere memory had Vivian blushing, and at that moment Luca joined her inside the master’s bedroom of his private plane. He took one look at her face and asked, “Anything wrong?”


Luca grinned. “Liar.”

“I’m n-not.” But she could feel her cheeks reddening even more as she spoke.

Moving forward, he watched his bride fidget in front of the vanity mirror and repressed a smile at how obviously nervous she was. Vivian was still in her wedding dress, a long-sleeved lace and silk concoction that he had personally picked for her. It had emphasized her generous curves to perfection, and with her roommate artfully styling her hair in a twist of curls, the sight of her had Eula whispering to him that ‘Vivi looked like a princess.’

He agreed, and right now looking at her, Luca thought, Mi principesa.

My princess.

Vivian held her breath when Luca came to a stop behind her, and she tensed when she felt his fingers graze the back of her neck. Their eyes meeting through the mirror, she heard him ask huskily, “May I?”

Chapter Ten

At Vivian’s nervous nod, Luca carefully undid the row of buttons of the dress, his blood heating with every added inch of skin revealed. He touched her elbow, and Vivian understood his cue, moving up from the chair. She was trembling under his touch, and while it did make Luca want to be gentle, it also whetted his desire for her. The baser, more primitive side of him responded to it, making him want to devour her even more.

Slowly, Luca peeled the dress from her body and down her arms, and Vivian shivered as the dress caressed her skin on its way to the floor. When he took her hand and drew her towards the bed, she followed him in a sensual daze. Her heart was beating madly again, and she could barely breathe as Luca made her lie back on the bed.

He loomed over her for a moment, one knee bent on the bed, staring down at her with fiercely possessive eyes.

“Mi principesa.” His voice was rough and velvety at the same time, and another tremor racked her body.

As he slowly unclipped the front clasp of her bra, Vivian remained still while her mind raced with thoughts of what would follow. It was sweet torture, knowing what would happen but not knowing how it would feel. When she felt the cups of her bra fall to the sides, revealing her breasts, she couldn’t help gasping—-

“Beautiful,” Luca breathed. Her embarrassment heightening his arousal, he moved down and took one pouting pink nipple into his mouth. He began to suck, tenderly at first then hungrily. Her whimpers, soft at first, gradually became louder, filling the room, and he growled, moving to her other breast and doing the same. He felt her arch against his mouth, her fingers driving through his hair.


He rose up, kissing her full in the mouth, and his blood burned as she kissed him back with untutored passion. He undressed himself without breaking the kiss, and although it took longer than usual, he managed it.

And just in time because he wanted her so badly by now, all he could hear were her cries of need—-

Vivian moaned in protest when Luca tore his mouth away, but then she felt him kissing his way down her body, and she gasped instead. Down and down his mouth went, pausing on her belly, and she jerked. His hand settled on her upper thighs, clasping them tightly before pushing her legs open, and she stiffened. “L-Luca?”

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