His arousal sharpened at the way his wife threw her head back at her penetration, dark hair streaming behind her like a silky cloud that he itched to grasp and keep in his possession. Dio, but she was so beautiful, and it seemed like every time they made love, the more he could not get enough of her.

His wife began to move then, lifting herself up and then sinking back down, riding him the way he had taught her to, and his hands around her waist tightened. She began moaning as she rocked herself against him harder and faster, and the sound of her obvious pleasure had Luca drawing her down so he could catch one nipple with his mouth.

“Aaaah.” The way he sucked her nipple ripped her apart, and she could no longer keep her movements above his body steady. As if sensing the way she was fast losing control, he reversed their positions once more and as she fell on her back, she felt him rise to his knees. Her eyes opened in time to see him clasp her ankles. He pushed her legs as wide apart as possible before slowly entering her again.

“Luca!” He was oh so deep inside of her, and oh, it was killing her, the way it felt so, so good, to have her husband filling her. He began to move, thrusting hard and deep, and all she could do was follow his lead, head tossing and turning against the pillow.

Her swaying breasts drawing his attention, Luca reached out to cup them with each of his hands, squeezing and kneading the swollen flesh even as he continued to plunge his length into her over and over. When he started playing with her nipples, Vivian’s breathy little cries started echoing inside the room, and when he reached with one hand to pinch her tiny nub of pleasure, she jerked against his touch, her eyes rolling back as she came.


Lifting his wife’s lower body up as her cum streamed out of her, he began moving faster, and soon, he could feel his own release rising. Breathing hard, he pulled his length all the way out before sinking it one last time. Her inner muscles clenched around his erection, tightening and triggering his own climax, and Luca came with a rough growl, spilling his seed into her even as his thrusts became wilder and faster.

When Vivian finally managed to catch her breath, she opened her eyes and saw her husband staring down at her. It was embarrassing, even after everything, and she blurted out awkwardly, “Good morning.”

Luca’s lips twitched. “Good morning, Mrs. Valencia.” The last one had his wife’s cheeks turning pink, and this time he could no longer suppress his smile.

She socked his shoulder, mumbling, “You just say that because you know it still makes me blush.” She wanted to sound mad, but even to her own ears she sounded more breathless with pleasure. And how could she not sound like that, Vivian wondered helplessly, with the way their bodies were still joined, his length throbbing temptingly against her muscles.

Luca drew his knuckles against her cheek, murmuring, “You still blush so easily.”

She made a face. “I can’t help it.”

“I am not complaining.”

Vivian rolled her eyes. “You may get a kick out of it, but I think it’s silly and I’m determined to find a way to be less, I don’t know, blushable?”

He laughed. “Ah, Vivi, I am a full-blooded Italian, but even I know that is not a proper word.” He expected her to retort like she usually did, but when she didn’t, it had him looking down at her, and that was when he saw the way she was staring up at him in wonder. “Che cos’ e?”

Swallowing, she admitted, “Even after three months of marriage, it just feels like I don’t hear your laugh often enough.” When Vivian saw his eyes widen, it was her turn to laugh, and she asked teasingly, “Are you surprised you’ve lasted this long with me?”

“Has it really been three months?” He shook his head, saying wryly, “If you want the truth, cara, I am more surprised that it’s only been three months.”

“You feel like you’ve been married longer?” At his nod, she asked worriedly, “Is that a good thing?”

It was, he thought broodingly, and it wasn’t.

In truth, Luca could barely remember how life was without Vivi. Her quiet presence had more of an impact than he expected, and in ways that he had not imagined. The knowledge that Vivi was in his home, taking care of Eula, had actually allowed him to work more efficiently, and the knowledge that he had a family – a real and complete one – waiting for him had also made Luca cut back on his work hours. There was just something about Vivian’s willingness to listen that soothed his nerves, the way she never cared to be too funny or too smart allowing him to drop his guard and simply enjoy the moment with her.

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