A tiny nod.

“And I suppose that’s also the reason you recently started wearing suits like those women in CSI?”

A tinier nod.

“And your stubborn insistence on attending college again?”

She gave him a mortified smile.

The billionaire sighed. “Cara. Do you not understand yet?” Fastening his gaze with hers, he enunciated slowly, “I love you as you are.”

His wife’s eyes widened.

“And so it is pointless for you to compare yourself to other billionaires’ wives.”

If only it could be so easy, Vivian thought miserably. “I want to be an ideal wife for you, Luca. I want to meet people’s expectations—-”

“Are you saying their expectations mean to you more than mine does?” The Italian billionaire raised one aristocratic brow at her, and the sight momentarily distracted Vivian. It was stupid of her, but she had always found his arrogance a huge turn on, and now was no exception.

“Are they?”

“Y-you already know the answer to that.” Toes curling hard at the way her husband’s gleamed in sexy satisfaction at her reply, she managed to wrench her gaze away from his, mumbling, “Sei tutto per me—-” You’re everything to me. Vivian wanted to say more, but there wasn’t a chance to do so because Luca had already claimed her mouth in a rough, hard kiss.


Her response was immediate, her surrender without question, with Vivian’s arms wrapping around his neck as she succumbed to his hungry kiss. Thank God for Italian lessons, she thought dazedly. Ever since Luca had admitted to finding Vivian speaking in his native language a huge turn-on, she had done her best to improve her fluency and had come to rely on it as her way of initiating sex.

As Luca’s mouth ran down her neck, she thought vaguely, Maybe one day I can even talk dirty in Italian.

“I can feel you thinking, cara.” Giving her neck one last lick, Luca lifted his head and eyed her heated cheeks with keen interest.

“I’m n-not thinking anything.” But Vivian’s stammered protest only had her husband releasing a low, sexy laugh, the sound of which made her toes curl even harder.

“We both know you’re bad at keeping secrets,” he told her with a smirk.

“It’s really nothing—-” Her words ended in a gasp, her back arching as he suddenly moved down to suck one lace-covered nipple. Her back arched even more, pushing her nipple deeper into his mouth as he sucked harder and harder.

“Lucaaaaaa.” She couldn’t help moaning his name as he moved on to the other nipple. A moment later, and her husband impatiently undid the front clasp of her bra and tossed it away. His hands moved down, working just as fast in pulling her panties down her legs.

“You’re so damn hot,” he growled, his hands running over her naked body.

“S-so are you,” she gasped back unthinkingly, making her husband chuckle.

A shiver ran across her entire body as Luca squeezed her breasts, but then his hands moved back down, and her breath caught. His fingers found her folds, and Vivian’s eyes squeezed shut as he stroked her already wet and throbbing core—-

“L-Luca, oh God—”

His arousal peaking at her breathy whimper, Luca dug his fingers into the plump cheeks of her bottom. “I can’t wait any longer—-” As her clouded eyes clashed with his, Luca plunged his rigid erection into her with a growl.

She moaned at his penetration, her hands wildly moving over the smooth, muscular panes of her husband’s back. He pulled out a moment later before sinking back into her, harder and deeper, and her nails dug into his back.

He started to move, slowly at first but gaining speed with every succeeding thrust, and her breathing became choppy. Her head tossed and turned on the pillow while she instinctively met his thrusts, her hips lifting off the bed.

He was so good, so good.

What had she done to deserve a man this sexy—-

Luca’s mouth found her ear, and he whispered, “I love you, Vivi—-” His manhood plunged deep into her at the same time.


“I love you, Luca!” The words were torn out of her throat in a moan, her inner muscles tightening around his length.

His words echoed in her mind, and her body tightened even more.

Perfect, he was so perfect.

Her nails raked his back. “I love you.” She couldn’t stop saying it. “Ti amo—-”

The Italian words of ‘I love you’ seemed to do it for her husband, and he jerked above her, a powerful shudder racking his body.

“Ti amo,” he rasped back at her.

And then he was moving almost wildly, his thrusts fast and furious, and Vivian could only cling helplessly to his hard frame, completely lost in his power.

“Open your eyes, cara,” Luca growled.

She was unable to resist his command, and her eyes fluttered open.

“Look at how our bodies are connected.”

His command had her looking down, all the way to where his engorged erection disappeared into the swollen folds of her core—-

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