His words left her in a greater state of confusion, and she could only blink at him.

The billionaire crooked a finger at Vivian. “Come closer, cara.”

The sudden huskiness in her husband’s voice made Vivian shiver despite the city’s humid air. She was nervous and excited all at once, and when she saw the way his light blue eyes smoldered, her breath caught—-

Vivian took one small step closer, and oh, how the simple act was more than enough to set her body on fire. Her breasts swelled behind the cups of her bra, and when Luca ordered her to come even closer, her nipples reacted to the command like the words were a caress, the pink buds painfully tightening with arousal.

“Closer, cara.” His voice was sharp this time, but her body instinctively knew that it wasn’t anger it heard. That sharp hard voice was the sound of a sensual promise, a command that guaranteed pleasure if she obeyed—-

And she did, of course.

Her knees knocked against each other as she made her way to her husband, threatening to give out entirely as Luca stared at her like he was already undressing her in his mind.

Oh God.

When she finally stepped between his sprawled legs, a dangerously indolent smile curved on her husband’s lips. “What did I promise you earlier, cara?”

“T-that you’d give me what I want,” she stammered.

“And do you trust me to know what you want?”

She could only nod, feeling like she would only end up whimpering her words out if she tried to speak.


When he said nothing else, she slowly lifted her gaze to his, and it was as if he had been waiting for that moment—-

Capturing her eyes with his, her husband commanded, “Get on your knees.”

“E-excuse me?” she choked out.

Darkness that promised something exquisitely forbidden glittered in his eyes as he purred, “You know you want to, cara. Ever since you came back home, your eyes have been begging me to punish you—-”


Her body trembled hard at the realization that what he was saying was true.

Oh God, it was so, so true.

“And so I’ll give you what you want.” His hard tone made Vivian wet her lips, and the sight had her husband sucking his breath.

“You want me that bad in your mouth, do you?”

His words embarrassed and aroused her, and all she could do was stare at him, her breasts aching harder and harder.

“Answer me.”


That he would force her to say such a thing out loud made her want him so, so much more, and she choked out, “Yes.”

“Then get on your knees.”

Vivian slowly fell to her knees.

“Unzip me.”

Her fingers shook as she reached for his zipper, and when she was finally able to free his erection from its confines, Vivian couldn’t help drawing her breath. Even now, the impressive length of his manhood still intimidated her, and the thought that she would soon have it inside her mouth—-

Wetness flooded her throbbing core, drenching her lace panties.

Luca’s fingers threaded through her hair, and Vivian’s heart slammed hard against her chest.

He started to push her head down, and her heartbeat sped faster and faster.

The head of his erection knocked against her mouth, and slowly her lips parted.

His erection slowly and steadily slipped into her mouth inch by inch, forcing her lips to part wider.

“More,” her husband commanded in a guttural growl. “Take all of me in.”

And even though it felt impossible, she fought to keep her throat relaxed as Luca continued to push deeper into her mouth.

When he was all the way in, Luca said tightly, “Start sucking.” His wife obeyed, and his body shuddered in agonized pleasure as the warmth of her mouth closed over his erection.


His fingers tightened around her hair, and he began to guide the movements of her head. “Exactly like that.” He closed his eyes. “Yes, cara. Suck it hard…” As Vivian continued to pleasure him with her mouth, Luca managed to look down—-

Big mistake.

The sight of his wife’s dark head bobbing up and down on his erection was too much, and he could feel himself tightening.

“I’m going to come,” he gritted out.

But Vivian’s mouth didn’t let go of his erection.


At his groan, his wife sucked even harder.


It was too damn much, and with his grip on her hair tightening, the billionaire came with a rough, harsh growl, the movements of his hips becoming feral and uncontrolled as he plunged his erection in her mouth fast and hard.

When the last of his release faded, Luca pulled out of his wife’s mouth and ignoring her soft mewl of protest, he hauled her up and kissed her hard. “Was that punishment enough?” he demanded against his lips.

Eyes clouded with love and sexual satisfaction stared back at him as she whispered, “Y-yes.”

“Then it’s my turn.” And without any other warning, Luca ripped the panties under her dress and even as she cried out in shock, he was already pulling her down on him, his still-aroused manhood plunging deep inside of her.

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