By the time they made it back home, Eula had truly fallen asleep, and although the nanny offered to carry the girl up to her room, Vivian insisted on doing it herself.

Laying the little girl down on her bed, she pressed a kiss on the forehead, murmuring, “Ti amo, principesa.”

Turning away, she could feel her eyes smarting again, and for no seeming reason at all this time.

Eula was precious to her as much as Luca was.

What would she do if Maria came to take both of them away?

Even by the time classes had ended, the thought continued to stalk her, and when she made it back home she had half-convinced herself that Luca was going to leave her for Maria.

Entering the bedroom she shared with the billionaire, the first thing she saw was her husband in the act of undressing himself.

Luca lifted a brow when he caught his wife gaping at him. “Why are you looking at me like I’m not supposed to be here?”

“Umm.” It was hard to be coherent with every inch of his pure, bronzed, muscular perfection completely bared to her eyes.

“I’m about to take a shower—-”

“Oh?” The sound came out strangled.

He crossed his arms over his chest, asking, “Do you want to join me?”

“Er.” She wished she could say something that could classify as an actual word but how could she when she had just noticed that her husband also happened to be fully aroused?

Even now the sight of it left her throat dry. It was just so impossibly large, so wonderfully thick—-

Seeing what his wife was staring at, Luca’s lips twitched, and he drawled, “You know you can do much more than stare, si?”

Sheer horror over being caught ogling finally made Vivian find her voice, and she choked out, ‘I d-don’t know what you’re talking—-ah!”

Luca had come to her side and hauled her up, placing Vivian over his shoulder caveman style.

“Oh my God, Luca!”

Her husband didn’t pay her any heed as he walked back to the direction of their bathroom.

“P-put me down!” But even so she couldn’t help laughing, couldn’t keep her heart from beating faster and faster.

This, she thought deliriously, this was the Luca Valencia that only she knew.

To the rest of the world, the Italian billionaire was infamous for being aloof and ruthless, with not a second to spare on anything outside business.

But for Vivian, he was the most imaginative and tender lover a woman could ever ask for…and she wanted that to be just her secret alone.

Was that so bad?

The billionaire turned the shower on, and hot water gushed down at both of them, making Vivian shriek as she found her clothes completely drenched in seconds. “Luca!”

Her husband let her back to her feet with a grin, saying mockingly, “Vivian!” And then he started unbuttoning her blouse.

“You’re crazy,” she half-gasped, half-giggled.

“And you still have too many clothes on.” His tone was impatient, but the gleam in his eyes was wicked and tender, and oh, how she melted at the sight of it. Soon, all her clothes had been kicked to the edge of the shower, leaving Vivian naked as he was.

“Aaaah!” Luca hauled her to him and whirled her around to have her back pressed against the wall. Jets of water continued to slosh down at them as Luca bent his head, and her breath caught as his fingers cupped one swollen breast.

“L-Lucaaaaa.” She moaned his name out loud as he took one nipple in, his fingers squeezing her breast hard. His other hand roamed down her body, teasing the already moist folds under the curls, and she moaned his name again.

Luca lifted his head, his blue eyes capturing hers. “I’ve been dreaming about this all day,” he groaned. “The whole time I was stuck in a boring meeting, I was thinking about how I’d make you scream as I did this—-” His head bent, his teeth clamping around her nipple. And then he was biting hard, and she let out a little scream, the intense mix of pain and pleasure making her body shudder hard against him.

“Vivi…” His breath tickled her ear, and she shuddered anew. “Fatti penetrare.”

Oh God.

His thick accent, combined with the sexy timber of his voice, and the meaning of those words—-

Let me inside you.

She would give him anything with the way he was talking, with the way he was looking at her, and she choked out, “Yes.”

At Vivian’s words, Luca spun her around, and this time she found herself facing the wall, arms and breasts flattened against the cold marble tiles. “Luca—-aaaaaah!” Her husband had suddenly thrust his length into her, and her eyes shut closed as she felt him filling her, inch by massive inch.

Oh God, she felt so stuffed…and it was so, so good.

When Luca pulled her closer to him, she found herself bent from the waist, her aching breasts swinging in the air while his erection slid deeper into her. The new position left her feeling more vulnerable and a thousand times more aroused.

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