“Say something dirty,” he urged her wickedly as his fingers lazily trailed down between their fingers.

“I c-can’t—-ooooooh.” Vivian cried out at the agonizing pleasure of his fingers finding the tiny nub of flesh above her folds.

“Do it,” he urged thickly, “if you want to keep on doing this…” And he began to rub her tiny, aroused nub exactly the way she wanted it even as the deep thrusts of his manhood continued.


His fingers stilled.

“No!” She shook her head in protest, but when his movements remained arrested, she choked out, “Do me. I want you to do me again and again—-ah!”

He had started rubbing on her nub again, but he had also started pumping into her at a more savage pace, and oh, it was glorious.

Holding on to him, she cried out for her husband to do her harder.

She sobbed about how big he was, how good he was—-

Her husband fisted her hair, yanking her down to whisper into her ear, “Do you want to hear something that will make you come right this moment?”


His hand crept up, shaping her breast, and just as he started to squeeze it hard, Luca whispered, “We’re on live camera.”

Vivian pulled back with a horrified gasp, but before she could scramble off his lap, he hauled her back to him, and thrust hard and deep into her, the head of his manhood reaching all the way to her womb.

“Lucaaaaaaaa.” The combination of his forceful thrust and the knowledge that they were being watched was too much, and with one last whimper, she started to come, her body shaking hard as she came and came like there was no end to it.

Throughout her release, Luca’s thrusts didn’t cease, and when he yanked her head back down for a kiss, all she could do was moan and kiss him back.

“Don’t worry,” he said gutturally against her lips. “All they can see is your face.”

“B-but—-” That wasn’t the point and the damn man knew it. She could see it in the way his eyes smirked at her, and thinking that two could play this game, she whispered into his ear, “Whatever you say, mio marito. Sono la tua puttanella—-” She ended gasping the last word out, the explicitness of her message doing its job as her husband growled and, sucking on her neck hard, he ripped into her one last time, shoving all the way in that she started to see stars again.


BITTERNESS MARKED WITH tears and invectives tainted the air in the flight that was originally meant to fly to the Caribbean but had been rerouted to take its passengers to Wisconsin. The prospect of their social ruin was terrifying, and they knew the moment they stepped off the plane the prospect would turn into reality.

Everyone back home would laugh at them, would take pleasure in seeing them suffer.

They would be forced to work while everyone back home would have nothing on their minds but what to do the next day for fun.

The monitors in front of them suddenly lit up, and everyone straightened, wondering if this was the live feed that Nic de Konigh had promised. A live feed to the Valencias’ private jet, they recalled bitterly. Wasn’t that the Dutch billionaire had said—-


Everyone stared and listened in stunned silence as Vivian threw her head back with a moan, her face a picture of blissful ecstasy.

Even though her face was all they could see, it was more than obvious that she was having the best time of her life.

A second later, and the positions were reversed, and this time it was the billionaire they saw. He was bare-chested, and the way his muscular body moved so fast and furiously made the girls want to weep even as they were filled with envy and longing.

If Kay really believed that Vivian and her billionaire had a boring marriage, then she was the biggest idiot in the planet.

Everyone was forced to endure the live feed until the very end of the flight, and by the time their plane landed all the young passengers were eager to get out, and Kay more so than anyone else.

It was hell, pure hell, to see and listen how Luca Valencia made Vivian come again and again, knowing that the couple had all the things that mattered – money and power, and to add a cherry on the top, the damn couple had fantastic sex, too.

Vivian and her Italian billionaire had everything while she, Kay Norton, had nothing.

They all had nothing!

The injustice of it was just too much, and in the middle of the tarmac, Kay dropped to the ground and began kicking and screaming like an escaped lunatic.

The End

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