“Open your mouth, ukhayyah.”

My lips parted.

His cock slipped in.

The head of his cock was enormous, forcing my lips to part wider. The sheikh pushed his cock forward another inch, and my mouth was now stretched wide open.

“Ready?” the sheikh grated out over my head.

At my nod, he pushed his cock further, slowly but steadily.

“Relax your throat,” the sheikh commanded when he was halfway in, and I fought to follow his words. I didn’t know how to relax my throat exactly, but I seemed to have done it right because the next thing I knew, his cock was all the way in.

Above me, the sheikh groaned.

The sound had me so wet and aching that without a thought, I started sucking. The sheikh stiffened and when I continued to suck, harder and longer, starting with the enormous head of his cock, the sheikh let out another groan just before he released his cock to clasp my head with both hands.

He guided me patiently, teaching me without words how to pleasure him. I followed him eagerly, and with every stroke of my tongue on his cock, I was rewarded by the sheikh’s groans and the shudders that racked his body.

The taste of his cock was salty and addictive. I had never thought I’d like the taste of a man’s cock, but I did. At least I liked the taste of his, the sheikh’s cock—-

The thought had my head reeling, and I sucked harder.

“Ella.” His fingers gripped my head, and suddenly he was moving faster. This time, there was no finesse at all with the way he moved, with the way he fucked my mouth, and oh God, I no longer cared if this made me sound sick, but I liked it. I liked that the sheikh was out of control, and it was all because of me, all because of what my mouth did to his cock.

Sucking as hard as I could, I also started moving my hands, relying entirely on my feminine instincts as I sought a way to drive him out of his mind. I reached for his balls and squeezed.

The sheikh jerked.

I squeezed harder then stroked it, timing my caress with the strokes of my tongue on his cock.

“Ella.” The sheikh suddenly tried to pull away, but I held on to him tightly, realizing that he was about to come.

“Ella, dammit—-”

I refused to let go, and a second later it was too late.

With a harsh groan, the sheikh came in my mouth. Strong, hard spurts of come ejected into my throat, accompanied by the wild thrusts of his hips, his cock nearly hitting the back of my throat.

I tried to suck it all in, but he was coming so hard that in the end, some of it started to spill from the corners of my mouth.

I released him only when the last come had spilled out of his cock, and as I licked the corner of my lips dry, I lifted my gaze to the sheikh—-


I shook on my knees as I saw the emotions swirling in the sheikh’s gaze while he stared at me.

You are mine, those eyes said, just as I am yours.

A second later, and he had bent close, gripping my hair as he pulled my head back before his mouth covered mine. I gasped at the kiss, but he didn’t ease on the pressure, even kissing me deeper, his tongue claiming every inch of my mouth. “I will call you when I get to Geneva.”

I swallowed. “You promise?”

That I cared enough to ask seemed to surprise him. “Yes.” He kissed me hard. “And your promise, Lady Ella,” the sheikh gritted against my lips. “Do not forget.”

Dimly, I realized that the limousine had slowed down and we had reached the airport.

The sheikh pulled me up to sit beside him. He cupped my face, his voice nearly feral as he demanded, “Promise me.”

I whispered shakily, “You don’t even have to ask.”

THE SHEIKH WATCHED the limousine carrying his precious woman drive away and all the while felt like half of his heart had gone with it.

Such melodrama does not become a hardened cynic like you, the sheikh chided himself.

Even though he was still filled with disquiet, the sheikh slowly turned and headed towards the gates of the airport. And yet, even when he had settled on his seat and his private jet had taken off, he remained tense and uneasy.

Had he made a mistake?

He knew Ella thought he was a moody bastard, blowing hot and cold on her, one moment kissing her then pushing her away another moment.

The sheikh’s lips tightened.

If only she knew the truth.

If only she knew how hard he struggled every time they were alone, how it nearly killed him every time he had forced himself to hold back and not take her the way he wanted to.

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