A mutinous fire lit up her gaze. “No.” And she proved it by squeezing his cock – hard.

The sheikh’s hands clenched as she started stroking him. Her touch was clumsy and innocent, but it still aroused him beyond belief, more so than any woman could make him feel before. As she continued stroking him, his balls began to tighten up and ache even more.

When she wetted her lips, his cock twitched, and when she heard him growl as her strokes became faster, a whimper escaped her. “Sheikh…” Her strokes became wilder, her eyes clouding up with desire.


The sheikh was fast losing control and he began to wonder uneasily if he could really hold on to the end. It was the best hand job he ever had, and he was no longer able to remain unreceptive. He began to move on his seat, lifting his hips the slightest bit so he could thrust in her hand—-

Both of them heard the door connecting the dining hall to the kitchen swing open.

The sheikh straightened on his seat, his face immediately becoming expressionless. Unfortunately, Ella was not as quick to adjust, her cheeks turning a fiery shade of red, and her fingers freezing around his cock as the attendant came forward.

“Your wine, Your Highness, Lady Ella.” The attendant placed their glasses on the table before opening the bottle and pouring wine for them each.

All the while, Ella’s fingers remained around his cock, clearly too scared to move and risk drawing attention to where her hand was.

“Thank you, Gilbert.” The sheikh dismissed the attendant with a nod.

When the attendant left, Ella practically sagged on her seat in relief.

His shoulders rocking with laughter, he leaned towards her, and without warning, he sank his fingers into her hair, using it to pull her forward so he could kiss her open-mouthed. She gasped against his lips, but he didn’t ease up, even kissing her more deeply.

When he pulled away, she had a dazed look on her eyes.

He smirked. “Lady Ella, you are the one who’s supposed to seduce me.”

She nodded glumly. “I know.” But right now, he was more the seducer than she was.

He leaned forward, and she leaned back automatically, needing to put more distance between them before she expired due to lack of oxygen.

His voice low and husky, he asked, “Would you like a tip, Lady Ella?”

“Y-yes?” Actually, if he used that beautiful voice on her, she might just say yes to anything he said.

“If you want to seduce me—-”

She held her breath.

“You should know that seeing you touch yourself is the easiest way to get me hard.”

The First Night

The next day, the sheikh came back home almost midnight, exhausted and seething with frustration at the same time. Public outcry had become much worse now, and if his investigators still couldn’t come up with any concrete evidence that would help Ella out, the sheikh knew he would have to take matters in his own hands.

And whatever he had to do, the sheikh thought harshly, it wouldn’t be pretty.

The soldiers outside his door bowed at the sight of him, and the sheikh nodded at them before entering his suite. Inside, he switched the lights open, and the first thing he saw was…Ella.

He froze, his briefcase falling to the floor in his shock.

She was lying on the L-shaped sofa, dressed in a thin silk nightgown that was completely transparent. Even better – or worse, depending on what she planned – she had no underwear underneath it.

God, she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life.

Her beautiful golden hair, her ivory skin, her exquisite curves, and God, those wonderfully big breasts—-

His mind shut down. “You better seduce me now, ukhayyah,” the sheikh rasped out. “I’ll be damned if I have to wait another night before I can fuck you.”

THE SHEIKH’S WORDS made me tremble all over. It had my breasts jiggling, and the sight had the sheikh sucking his breath. The look on his face had me frantically pressing my legs together.

Oh God, the way he looked at me…

“Get moving, Lady Ella,” the sheikh growled.

I jumped at his harsh tone, but it was more out of excitement and anticipation than anything else.

Slowly, I plumped my breasts, and the action had the sheikh’s nostrils flaring. It gave me confidence, and I started fondling the twin globes, kneading the flesh and then tweaking my nipples.

To my surprise, the pleasure was almost as erotic as having the sheikh’s hands on my flesh. I closed my eyes, imagining it really were his hands holding my breasts, and a whimper escaped me.


My eyes flew open at his voice, and I gasped upon finding the sheikh stripping his clothes. For a long moment, all I could do was stare at him. Heat pooled inside me as his magnificent body was revealed. Oh God, I wanted to run my hands all over him, wanted to feel how hard his body was, how smooth—-

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