“Your Highness, no—-”

It was a half-hearted protest at best and the sheikh seemed to know it, the way he laughed – a rich and extremely male sound – before sucking even harder.

My back arched when the sheikh’s head moved down again, nuzzling the valley between my breasts before moving to the left and capturing one pouting nipple. He started to suck and I arched again. I only fell back against the bed when he lifted his mouth, but he soon had me gasping again, my body arching against him as the sheikh started suckling on my other nipple.

My fingers dove into his hair as I clutched his head to my breast. Oh, the things he made me feel with his mouth on my nipple. I shuddered, I clung, I begged, I moaned, but he never stopped. By the time he moved down again, I was a writhing mess, and so, so wet I knew the bed sheet under my naked body must be drenched by now.

I wanted him so badly, but when he parted my thighs, my instincts rose to the fore and I tried keeping them close.

The sheikh shook his head. “Open them for me.” A growled command, telling me the sheikh would not take no for an answer. And God oh God, but it worked on me, the authority in his voice making my legs fall wide open.

I held my breath when I felt the sheikh’s gaze on my quivering pussy. Oh, how long he stared. It was such a small part of my body but he was looking at it like there was so much to study, so much to learn—-

Suddenly his hands moved, pulling the folds wide open.

I gasped. “Stop—-”

But the sheikh kept pulling the folds wider apart until all I could do was moan at how exposed he left me.

“Do you feel it?” he asked thickly. “How open you are?”


“It has to be that way,” he gritted out, “because I’m that big. And I want you to be accustomed to my size.”


“Now, hold it for me, ukhayyah.”

At his command, I replaced his hands, trying my best to keep myself as open—-

The sheikh slid two fingers inside of me, and I whimpered at how full this already made me feel.

“No,” the sheikh commanded sharply when my fingers started to slip. “Keep it open.” He slapped the side of my hip, and I bit my lip at the way the twinge of pain made my hips jerk and pull my folds wider apart again.

God, how sick I was, but I couldn’t help it.

I was so out of my mind with need, I just wanted to please him, do anything and everything the sheikh told me to do.

The sheikh started moving his fingers, slowly at first, his eyes on my face. When I started to relax, he slid another finger inside, making me moan.

“You like that, ukhayyah?”

Head tossing and turning against the pillows, I moaned, “Yes.”

With each thrust, he pushed his fingers deeper and faster. “Does it make you full?” he growled.


“But this isn’t as thick my cock yet,” the sheikh purred.

I whimpered.

“So do I add another finger? Do I fist you, milady?”

“Yes!” This time, I screamed the word out, my body aching to the point of agony at hearing the sheikh speak so explicitly.

His laugh was cruelly beautiful, but it only made him want me more.

“Please.” I had no pride left as I begged the sheikh. I wanted him so bad—-

“Aaaaaaah!” I moaned as the sheikh started fisting me. Hard, deep, rough – just like how I imagined he would take me.

“Khal.” I cried his name out as I let go of my folds, needing to clutch his shoulders so I could use it to balance myself while I started pushing my hips up, wanting his hand as deep inside me as possible.

“Khal.” Oh God, the way he was fucking me with his hand. I never thought it would be this beautiful, this powerful—-

“Khal!” I could feel it, my first orgasm rising like a tidal wave from the deepest part of me, spreading like wildfire inside my system—-

The sheikh suddenly ground his mouth over mine and at the same time thrust his hand so deep his fingers brushed against my hymen.

I cried out .

I came.

And then I couldn’t stop either, crying as I cummed, my body rocking against his as wave after wave of pleasure slammed down on my body. I sobbed as my creamy cum gushed out of me, making my thighs tremble hard at the sheer force of the flow.

Even when the sheikh pulled his hand out of my pussy, I was still coming.

“You’re so damn easy to please,” the sheikh gritted out, but the way he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off my face told me his words were more a compliment than anything else.

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