The sheikh bent his head and, biting my earlobe, he whispered, “But that’s good. That’s exactly how I like it. Exactly how I need you to be because I’ll do this—-”

And before I could understand what he was talking about, the sheikh was pushing my thighs wide open again.

His cock slid inside my pussy, my come easing his passage. I sucked my breath when I felt the tip brushing against the barrier of my virginity.

“Khal.” I was afraid and excited at the same time.

The sheikh withdrew a little, making me feel empty, and then he was sliding back into me, his cock driving down hard—-


His cock tore through the barrier in one thrust, and he slid all the way in, my well-lubricated and practiced pussy able to take the entire length of his member.

Oh God, oh God. I had never felt this full. Never thought I could feel this full actually.

“Ella.” The sheikh was looking down on me, his jaw clenched hard, his muscles bunched as he fought to remain still. When I looked up, he asked tightly, “Did it hurt a lot?”

I shook my head.

“Does it still hurt now?”

“Just…a bit.”

He nodded. “It will pass.” A savage kind of possessiveness gleamed in his eyes as he said roughly, “You are mine now.”

“I’m yours,” I agreed shakily, my fingers digging deeper into his back.

“I took your virginity.”

“I wanted you to.”

“I’m never going to let you go.”

“I don’t want you to.”

Our gazes meeting, he started to move, and I held my breath, expecting my pussy to ache the way it did when he tore my hymen.

But it didn’t.

My eyes widened as the sheikh was able to pull out completely and then slide back in and I didn’t even experience a bit of discomfort. Instead, I felt something to stir inside of me.

“Ella…” The sheikh demanded my attention with a hiss. When I looked up at him again, he sucked my breath, and I knew he had seen it on my face – wonder at how it felt so good—-

“Ella.” This time he groaned my name as he pulled out the second time and slid back in. This time I moaned with him.

My eyes drifted closed, my fingers digging crescent marks on his smooth hard back as my legs snaked around his waist.


His name acted like a cue, and the sheikh started thrusting in and out of my pussy, his thrusts deep and steady. I clung to him harder, rocking my body against him, rubbing my pussy against hardness, silently begging him not to be gentle.

“Temptress.” An accusation, but he uttered the word with savage tenderness. Our bodies began to rock against each other, his thrusts turning wilder as his cock reached all the way to my womb.

When I felt it again, that familiar, exciting, terrifying sensation of having your orgasm build inside your body, rising and rising—-

My breath caught and then I sobbed out, “Khal.”

The sheikh shuddered over me. “Say it again.” He dug his hands under my body and squeezing my bottom, he said harshly, “Say my name, milady.”


Cupping my bottom, he began pumping into me relentlessly.

“Khal, Khal, Khal.” I cried his name over and over as I could feel my orgasm rising higher and higher, closer and closer to the peak—-

The sheikh bent down and latched his mouth to my breast, biting my nipple as he thrust deep into me.

I screamed.


Pleasure of immeasurable proportions electrified my body, and I ground my hips against him as I came. I started sobbing, my orgasm so powerful that the world started to dance around me. “Oh God, Khal. Khal. Khal.”

“ELLA.” The sheikh roared my name as he, too, came, his back arching as his cock pumped out its first load of come into my pussy.

I sobbed harder.

Oh God.

The sheikh’s cum.

The sheikh was filling me with his cum.

My thoughts disintegrated, and I could only sob his name and cling to him while the sheikh fucked me through his own orgasm, his cock pumping out an impossible amount of seed into me with every thrust.


The sheikh’s voice was unusually ragged when he spoke my name in the aftermath of our first joining. He was on his back, having rolled me on top of him while our bodies remained connected, his cock still semi-erect inside my pussy.

The strange sound of his voice made me lift my head, and I gazed down at him warily. “Yes, Your Highness?” Just looking at him made me feel all sorts of delicious things. I wanted him again, wanted to feel his cock filling me, wanted to feel him ripping me apart with the monstrous size of his cock.

But more than that, looking at him made me feel…right.

Like I had found my place, finally.

The sheikh’s blue eyes were sober. “I have something to tell you.”

I stiffened.

“Tomorrow, the king and queen will be back, and they will be holding a ball for me.”

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