“That is for being stubbornly in denial. There is no point resisting the truth. You are part of the royal family now, and you must act that way. If being royal requires you to smile, then it is what you will do. If it calls for you to wear heels, then you will damn well do that, too.”

“Do you even care how sexist that sounds?” I demanded furiously.

“I don’t give a fuck what you think it is,” the sheikh retorted mercilessly. “You looking good on official photos make it sell more, which means more proceeds for your charities. You will begrudge them additional funds just because it offends you to wear heels?”


But this time, the sheikh’s hand lingered on my bottom after the spank.

It was my favorite part, and I had a feeling the sheikh knew that.

As he continued to caress my skirt-covered bottom, I asked, “And the third slap?” I tried to sound angry, but I knew I just sounded breathless. “What’s it…for?” The last word turned into a whimper of shocked pleasure as I felt the sheikh’s hand curve under my skirts.

His fingers grazed one bare cheek before squeezing.



The sheikh bent his head close to my ear, taunting in a sexy dark whisper, “You have to ask?”

He laughed as I tried to struggle, and he quelled my resistance completely when he started kneading my bottom, in a way that had me biting my lip hard so I wouldn’t moan.

“Such a wanton response,” the sheikh continued to taunt. “It’s almost as if you go against me to have this.” His hand moved down, and I trembled when he slowly ran a hand over the back of my legs. “So let’s have a deal, mm, ukhayyah?”

His hand moved back up, just as slowly, and the titillating sensation had me squeezing my eyes tightly. “Do something worthy of a member of the royal family…” His hand went back on my bottom. Squeezing the cheek hard, he whispered, “…and I might just give you a kiss.”

The sheikh removed his hand on my bottom, arranged my skirt and lifted me back to my feet.

“What kind of incentive is that?” I hissed.

The sheikh only smirked. “The kind that we both know you want, even if you never admit it.”

The Other Sister

“I have placed a letter for you on your desk, Your Highness,” the soldier said upon his return to the palace after another week spent abroad.

The sheikh took the folded piece of paper with a frown. “You know who it is from?” Who would still bother with handwritten letters in this day and age?

“Lady Ella, Your Highness.”

The sheikh stilled. “I see.” His gaze strayed back to the letter in his hand, which now felt as precious as a gem. “Thank you.” He nodded at the soldier, dismissing him. Only when he was alone and certain that no one would see his expression did the sheikh unfold the letter.

Your Highness,

I hope this letter finds you in good health.

The sheikh almost smiled at the first line. Knowing Ella, he supposed that the proud temptress had choked several times while writing the words.

As I know you are very busy with your duties as the king’s heir, I will strive to keep this as brief as possible.

Such tact, the sheikh marveled. It must mean she had a huge favor to ask. An increase in her allowance, perhaps? He had never thought she was the type, but he had also learned never to trust people at face value. For all he knew, she could be as mercenary as the rest of them.

Before my mother left to join the king in their wedding trip, she had informed me that I am to seek your guidance since nineteen here is still not of legal age. I realize then that I may have to ask for your assistance for what I intend to do.

Seek his guidance? Ask for his assistance? How fiercely independent she was, and how stubbornly proud. Both of them knew those were not the right terms to use at all. In this kingdom his word was law, and she had no choice but to obey his command as both her guardian and acting liege.

I’ve become recently acquainted with your kingdom’s history and have found it very interesting. Last week, I completed the short-term certificate course as a tour guide for historical tours in the palace. I have assisted in two student tours so far, and you’ll be happy to know I haven’t lost anyone in the palace yet.

Reading between the lines, everything suddenly became clear to the sheikh. His doubts were vanquished, and he even felt slightly ashamed for thinking Ella was as mercenary as all the women he had taken to his bed.

The accomplishment she spoke of was impressive, especially when one considered how Ella had been a reluctant princess from the start. It only meant one thing of course, and his blood heated at the thought of how he would reward his own little Cinderella.

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