I’m stunned as I take in her offerings, almost bolting for the door when August picks up two items. A bottle of lube and a bullet-shaped piece of glass with a flared base on the end.

Confused, I scan his face after the waitress saunters off. He holds the glass item up to me, indicating I should take it. I do, marveling at its heaviness and warmth. It’s thinner at the top, flared wider at the bottom. “What’s this?”

“A butt plug,” he replies. “You had such an amazing reaction to my finger in your ass, so I want to see what else you can handle.”

I’m already shaking my head before he finishes, because there’s no way that thing is going to fit in my ass. That doesn’t seem to matter to August, though. He merely takes my wrist and pulls me through the room, weaving us in and out of the people having sex. Admittedly, watching the lewd acts being performed around me is only turning me on further. I can feel how amped and wet I already am, a steady throb of need pulsing between my legs.

We reach a wide chaise with an elegant curved back, covered in what appears to be a matte vinyl material. The sting of disinfectant the workers must clean it with hits my nose. It’s a faintly unpleasant smell I immediately forget when August spins me around.

He wraps strong fingers around my neck, leans down, then brushes his lips across my mouth. “Relax, Leighton. I swear you’re going to enjoy this.”

“Will it hurt?” I whisper.

His smile is feral, his teeth flashing in the spotlight that shines down from the ceiling. “If you’re lucky, it will hurt just right.”



I’ve never been one to wake up slowly. When my body’s done sleeping, I instantly come awake. Clearheaded and aware, without the need for an alarm clock. It’s the way I’ve always been, and it has only been heightened over the years of working as a cop, SWAT officer, and now as a security expert for Jameson.

The first thing I hear is Leighton rummaging around in the kitchen. I imagine her pulling down a coffee cup and… yes, there’s the fridge opening for her to pull out the milk. I’m well aware of her morning routine.

Glancing over at the clock, I note it’s almost seven. From experience, I know Leighton has already had her shower and is now making her first cup of coffee. She’ll take it into her bathroom to sip on while she finishes getting ready, which includes blow drying her hair and donning clothes. She rarely puts on makeup, but she’s one of those women who doesn’t need it. She’ll be leaving soon to relieve Mike, who had the evening duty at the hospital.

After I roll out of bed, I slip on the pair of discarded jeans from last night. I sleep in the buff, but, unlike Leighton, I want my first cup of coffee as soon as I wake up. It’s not because I need the caffeine boost as an aid to help slough off tiredness, but because I love the taste and it’s part of my routine. In deference to the fact I now have houseguests, I try not to stroll around naked, despite the fact Leighton saw a whole lot of naked me last night at The Wicked Horse.

In case Leighton is suffering from potential modesty despite the very dirty things we did last night, I button my jeans and head out of my bedroom.

I find her in the kitchen, topping her coffee off with milk. “Good morning,” I say.

Leighton jumps, shoots me a quick look, then focuses on her coffee. “Morning,” she mutters, turning to the fridge to put the milk away.

Crossing my arms over my chest, I lean against the entryway. I watch as she moves around, her spine stiff as she refuses to give me the time of day.

This amuses me. I wonder if it’s because of how damn dirty things got between us. I thoroughly fucked her in The Orgy Room after stuffing her with a moderately sized butt plug. She howled like a she-wolf when I slid it in, then panted like a wild dog when I bent her over the chaise and thrust into her from behind.

It was quite the task just to get her there. At first, she was horrified and embarrassed to be in that room with all those other people. It took me a bit of time to coax her out of that dress. I almost had to force her onto the chaise I’d chosen in the middle of the room, and I could tell she was bothered by the spotlight that shone down on her and the attention she felt it generated.

But I loved it. The way it bathed her skin and made her glow like an angel.

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