At first, I’d had to distract her. She couldn’t seem to get past the other people watching her, refusing to loosen up. Which, technically, they weren’t actually watching her. They were engrossed in their own debauchery.

To get her to relax, I very quickly wrecked her with my mouth on her pussy, wrenching two orgasms from her before flipping her over to press that lubed plug in deep. Oh, what a howl.

I ended up taking pity on her. It was just a little too much for her with me fucking her from behind because every time I drove in, I jostled the plug inside her. I thought it was glorious, but when she started crying, not from the pain but because it felt so damn good, I gave her a bit of a break. Pulled her around the chaise, laid down on my back, and forced her to straddle me. It gave her ass a break, and I got to enjoy watching that beautiful woman ride my cock until she brought both of us to climaxes that seemed to stretch on forever.

Afterward, she sprawled on top of me with her cheek resting on my chest. She didn’t move, just laid there, quiet and still as her breathing returned to normal. It took me a second to realize she was watching something, and I twisted to see what. Right beside us on a bed of pillows, there was a threesome in progress. Almost exactly a duplicate of the last time I was at the club with Declan. There was a guy on his back with a woman on his cock. She bent over him, her hands pressed into the pillows for leverage, while another man plowed her ass from behind.

My fingertips came up to brush Leighton’s hair from her face, and she blinked slowly. I whispered, “Would you like to try that sometime?”

I was stunned when she’d said, “Maybe,” and I could tell by the dreamy quality in her voice she was still under the drugging influence of The Orgy room and her incredible orgasms.

Here in my kitchen, though, in the bright light of day, I bet Leighton would run screaming if I suggested doing that right now. I can tell by the way she’s not meeting my gaze that she has a few regrets about last night.

Pushing away from the doorway, I venture deeper into the kitchen to get my coffee. It’s not necessary, but I choose to do it anyway and move so close behind Leighton that I have to put my hand on her hip to scoot by. When she startles, I politely say, “Excuse me.”

Her breath is shaky. “No problem.”

Yeah… she’s as affected by me as I am by her. What I wouldn’t do to be able to pull her away from her thoughts and her recriminations for a quick fuck. Bang the regret right out of her. I’d be happy bending her over the kitchen counter to send her back to that dreamy subspace she was in last night. Make her understand what we’d done last night was very much okay.

Unfortunately, we’ve both got places to be and people waiting on us. While I’d totally be late to work for a chance at her, I would never want to leave Sam waiting for his mom and wondering why she was late. He depends on us being there to keep his spirits up.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t remind her of just how much she enjoyed last night. If she’s having regrets, I need to leave her focused on the pleasure she had rather than the regret she now feels.

“Want to go again tonight?” I ask.

Leighton jolts, spinning around toward me with wide, crazy eyes. “What? Where?”

Chuckling, I step into her. “You know where. Stop playing dumb, Leighton.”

Her face turns beet red, and she averts her gaze.

That just won’t do. I put my knuckles under her chin to force her to meet my gaze. “Stop acting embarrassed. You let me fuck you in front of a hundred people last night. You need to own it.”

Her eyes drop, and all I see are those long lashes fluttering as she drags in a shaky breath. “I’ve never done anything like that before.”

Her confession fucking turns me on. I suspected it, but I love knowing it and how it affected her so deeply. “I could tell. Let me take a guess… You had the best orgasms of your entire life, right?”

I didn’t think it was possible, but her face turns even redder as she shakes her head in automatic denial. “No. No way.”

I can’t help but tease her. “Come on, Leighton. Tell the truth. You’re not some fragile Catholic schoolgirl who got busted peeking at her daddy’s porn magazines.”

Leighton’s eyes fire hot. “Fine,” she snaps. Throwing her arms out wide, she exclaims, “It was transcendental what my body did last night. Is that what you want to hear? It was awful and wonderful at the same time, and I loved every minute of it.”