Grinning, I surprise the shit out of her by giving her a swift kiss. “Glad to hear it. Because we’re going back tonight.”

“No,” she shrieks. “That’s not me. One time, okay… fine. It was an experience. But I don’t do stuff like that.”

“You do tonight,” I murmur. “I’ll pick you up from the hospital.”

She shakes her head again. “But I don’t have anything else to wear. That was my one nice—”

“Doesn’t matter,” I say calmly, despite being heavily amused at that lame excuse. “No matter what you wear, it won’t be on your body for long.”

“No, August.”

“Yes, Leighton. I’ll pick you up at the hospital. We’ll grab something to eat, then we’ll hit the club. So just say yes.”

With a resolute tilt of her head, she firmly states, “No.”

I step closer, my hands going to her waist. Dipping my head, I angle my face and trail my lips over her neck. “Say yes.”

She exhales a stuttering breath. “No.”

“Say yes,” I demand, sinking my teeth into her neck and making her jerk.

“Yes,” she gasps, and I want to howl in triumph.

Pressing a kiss to where my teeth just were, I murmur, “Good girl.”

I then pull away from her, make a cup of black coffee as if nothing just occurred, and head back to my room to take a shower.



God, I can’t believe I’m here again.

I can’t believe I let him talk me into returning.

I can’t believe I gave in.

Oh, who am I kidding? I wanted to come because I want to be with August again. I would have gone anywhere with him.

For some reason, he’s not in a hurry to go to The Orgy Room. Or any other room beyond the front bar area. We’re on our second drink. Admittedly, the alcohol is helping. I’m not as high strung and tense as I was when I first came in about half an hour ago.

Since we’ve arrived, August and I have maintained a steady flow of conversation, mainly about Sam. We talk about our son a lot, the one thing we share that makes us happy. It’s the one thing August and I have deeply in common for which we will always be united against the world.

Which is why I am shocked when he changes the direction of the conversation by leaning closer and murmuring, “We need to have a serious talk, Leighton.”

I blink, wondering where this is going. He sounds so serious, which makes my hackles rise a little.

“I want you to be okay with being here,” he states solemnly.

“What do you mean?” I reply with a nervous giggle. “Obviously, I’m okay to be here.”

I’m not, but I need him to see me as brave. I came willingly, didn’t I?

August shakes his head, his eyes filled with wisdom. “You need to accept there is nothing wrong with coming to a sex club. There is nothing wrong with letting yourself go sexually. What happens in here is between you and me. Doesn’t matter who is watching. This is your moment, Leighton. Be free. Allow yourself to experience the height of hedonism. Give yourself permission to do it without feeling an ounce of guilt because no one in here is going to judge you.”

An immediate weight lifts off my shoulders as I digest his words. No one here is going to judge me. I have the right to experience this.

I manage a tremulous smile, but movement behind him catches my eye. I can’t help the tiny gasp as I take in the incredibly gorgeous man strutting our way.

Tall, suave, and dressed like ten million bucks in a charcoal silk suit. Even as I take in his dark hair styled in waves swept away from his face and silver blue eyes, I can’t help but notice every woman turning his way to stare with appreciation. August twists to see what has caught my attention before quickly bringing his gaze back to me. “Nice-looking guy, huh?”

Flushing, I shrug almost guiltily. “He’s okay.”

August chuckles knowingly. I can’t help peeking over at the man, who, to my surprise, seems to be headed straight for us. He comes up behind August, eyeing me over his shoulder.

August knows he’s there because I’m staring at the man with wide eyes. He throws a casual thumb over his shoulder. “Leighton… I’d like you meet a buddy of mine, Declan Blackwood.”

Declan Blackwood?

I know that name. It’s August’s friend who loaned us his private plane to get Sam. Declan moves from behind August to hold his hand out to me. I feel like I’m in a dream as I reach my own out and he pulls it up to press a quick kiss to my knuckles. “Pleasure to meet you, Leighton. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

I hastily pull my hand away and look to August, wondering exactly what he’s said to this man. Did he tell him what we did in here last night? Does he know my sexual fantasies contain a threesome, and I apparently like my ass played with? The thought horrifies as well as titillates me, and I feel so confused over these conflicting emotions.