“I invited Declan to join us,” August says pointedly, and my eyes flare.

“Join us?” I reply shakily.

August gives me a soft smile. “You were watching that threesome last night after we fucked. Figured you might want to try that, so I decided to give you the opportunity.”

My head whips toward Declan, my face burning like someone pressed hot irons to each cheek. His stare is intent, and explicit images flash through my brain of what I watched those two men do to that woman last night. Those men’s faces are quickly replaced by August and Declan’s as I think about what they could do to me. Could I take both at once? Can my body even accommodate that?

If I have to be honest, I’ve thought a lot about the things I saw last night and the idea of two men using me for their pleasure—incidentally giving me pleasure, too—is a thrilling prospect.

“I don’t know if I can do that,” I say honestly as I look up at August. I don’t bother glancing at Declan as I voice my fears. He’s irrelevant, actually. There’s only one person in this club I choose to put my trust in, and it’s August. Even though he has a deviant, kinky side and wants me to explore mine, I know he’ll never do anything to put me in a position where I could be hurt.

Physically or emotionally.

To my surprise, August chooses to offer me a moment of tenderness. His hand comes up, palm pressing to my jaw. He rubs a thumb over my cheekbone. “You can take us however you want, Leighton. Whatever happens between the three of us is by your choice only. If you want us just to touch you, we’ll be fine with that. If you want us to fuck you vanilla style, we can do that, too. And if you want to try to take us both at once, we’ll give it a try. You can stop us whenever you want to.”

I consider this. It sounds like everything is by my rules alone. I’m in control.

August adds, “But whatever you choose to do, I want you to do it with the same level of fierceness by which you’ve parented our son all these years. Everything you’ve ever done for him, I want you to put the same level of determination and focus into taking something for yourself. You deserve this, Leighton.”

There’s probably not anything else he could’ve said to me that would’ve convinced me to move forward. That level of validation coming from a man who thinks I made the ultimate mistake by keeping Sam away from him still thinks I’m a damn good parent, and it’s all I need to hear.

I smile, shooting Declan a side glance before I say, “Let’s do this.”

After we finish our drinks, I’m led, somewhat in a daze, by August and Declan into The Silo. It’s a circular room with smaller, glass-enclosed rooms around the perimeter. We utilize a rear hallway to enter one of the spaces, and I’m immediately relieved when Declan pulls the curtains over the glass walls so we are not on display.

Giving me an empathetic smile as he loosens his tie, he says, “Your first threesome should be a private affair.”

My first? Will I be doing this again? I had thought that—like with what I did with August last night—that this would just be an experience. But am I starting a whole new sexual lifestyle?

No answers come to me because I’m immediately discombobulated by both men removing their clothes. I can’t help but stare even though my modesty wants me to avert my gaze. They are both stunning specimens of what the perfect man should look like. Honed muscles, tight abs, and beautiful cocks neither one seem embarrassed about stroking once they get naked.

As if in silent agreement, they both move in on me. Prowling. Closing in tight, overwhelming me between walls of muscle and masculinity. Their hands work at my clothing, and I close my eyes. Rough fingers skim over my body, lips touch me in various places at the same time, and the knowledge it is two men kissing me causes a ripple of pleasure to pulse between my legs.

A mouth closes over mine, a tongue sliding inside my mouth, and I immediately realize it’s not August even with my eyes closed. I know the way he kisses and the way he tastes. I remember it from all those years ago.

My eyes fly open, but Declan doesn’t care. He just kisses me more deeply. I’m shocked when his hand goes between my legs, causing me to groan deeply.

August presses in behind me, then his hand joins Declan’s. I don’t know where one starts and the other ends. Fingers press into me—is it both men at the same time?

I’m embarrassingly wet, making their entrance into me slick and easy.

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